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Generation 6, Chapter 27 : Their Twenty - one already. Can it be true?

As a few weeks passed by the twins birthday came quicker than I imagined. Also it started to snow fairly heavy in Twinbrook which made things so cold. My plants became dormant and the town simply looked like a thick white blanket.

''Erm Harrison... what are you doing?'' I asked Harrison puzzled at the unknown reason of him standing like that.

''Remember eighteen years ago when the twins were three and Lindsey wasn't born yet?''

''Yes I do.'' I said.

''Remember we used to meditate with them every other week, well since were getting into old age now I thought I'd start mediating again to calm the nerves.''

''Okay. But do you really think meditating will help YOUR old age?'' I asked.

''Maybe, you just never know.'' He said with a grin.



''Mum!'' I heard three voices calling out from the hallway.

''Were in here, guys'' I said mixing the thick sticky mixture of my Key Lime Pie.

''Where are the birthday boys!?'' Harrison called out still thinking they were in the hallway.

''Were here!'' Declan called out before opening the door to the kitchen.

''Oh my god mum you'll never guess what happened at school today!'' Lindsey said with a smirk on my face.

''What Linds?''

''The REALLY hot guy in my class was totally checking me out!'' She said. Harrison glared at Lindsey for a second, since she was our only girl and our youngest Harrison went to all measures to keep her safe.

''Who the hell is he?? Does he have a Criminal record? Is he a drug user?'' Harrison asked worryingly.

''DAD! His name is Tony and no, he is really smart and cool. Plus he likes to play the Piano just like me and he likes me!'' She said sighing in delight.

''Aww!! Lindsey has a boyfriend!'' Declan said while laughing.

''Shut up idiot, and he is NOT my boyfriend... yet.'' She said under her breath.

''Good.'' Harrison said.

''SO mum. How have you been today?'' Robin asked. He was always the one to see how I was and how I was feeling ever since a quit my job at the hospital.

''I've been great thank YOU Robin, I just went out to the garden centre and visited your Aunt Nadine and the baby. That's pretty it.''


Declan seemed quite quiet that day and I was beginning to become a bit worried about him.

''Declan honey, are you aright?''

''I'm fine mum.'' He said looking straight into the window.

''Declan, seriously are you okay bro?'' Robin asked him.

''No. I don't want to grow up, to be honest I'm scared of it.'' He said looking at me.

''Honey.'' I butted in. ''... Don't be. Life must go on. I know your having doubts and so am I, do you really think I want my three little babies to grow up? I really don't but the reality is that you have to.''

''Your right mum, Life must go on. Thank for the advice.'' He said smiling at me.

''Any time Deccy!'' I said winking at him.

 An hour later we ate dinner and talked about out days.

''Mum, you know Declan and I both you love you and dad very much. We've been so damn fortunate to be born into a loving and caring family such as ours and we are 100% grateful for that. Mum we LOVE you.''

''Woo! Happy Birthday dorks!'' Lindsey shouted out laughing.

''My boys are becoming men...'' Harrison said crying a bit. Although Harrison seemed tough and macho on the outside, he is just a big soft man on the inside.

''Ready?'' Robin asked.

''Ready man!'' Declan cheered out.

''Hip Hip, Hurray!!'' We all cheered out they they both blew out their candles in sync.

A week later the boys Graduation came up. I literately now had to look up to them because they were so tall and developed.

Robin and Declan surprisingly still looked like each other even at twenty-one years old. The only things that were different was their hair colour and the face shape, Declan seemed to have my full cheeks whereas Robin's were more like his father.

''Mum are you okay?'' Lindsey asked me in a concerned tone.

''I'm...alright...'' I sniffled.

''Lindsey you mum is a bit sad at the moment. Like most mothers she has been dreading the day her children growing up and twenty-one years later, the day has came.'' Instead of replying I just instead began crying again.

I took out a old picture of the twins when they were just born and a tear drops rubbed against the picture as I remember the days they were so dependent on me and no their just... so independent.

''Mum, you don't have to be sad! Do you actually think were just going to abandon you after twenty-one years?''

''... Maybe?'' I said sniffling.

''Mum your out of your mind!'' Declan said. ''Of course were going to see you often, I can't cook anything so I'll be here every night!'' He said laughing.

''Great! Now that everything sorted why don't we head off to the boys graduations ceremony.'' Harrison said before pulling the car keys out of his pocket.

Since Winter was still settled upon Twinbrook, once we drove up to City Hall is began raining.

Hours later the ceremony had ended. I let out a few tears as I saw my boys go up on stage and graduate, receiving their diplomas. Robin was voted Class Valedictorion and Declan was voted Most popular student of his year.

By time we let the ceremony with all the other proud parents is was dark and I could hardly see my Robin and Declan toss their diplomas in the air.

''Mum; Dad! We did it!'' They both said in sync.

I pulled them both in for a big hug and gave them a big kiss.

''Erm guys... I believe I contributed in your life?'' Harrison said sadly.

''Don't get all emotional dad, get over here!'' Declan called pulling him in for a hug.

''And you to Lindsey!!'' Robin said. We all hugged for about a minuet but then Robin and Declan went off to the side to talk.

''So Declan... what now?'' Harrison, Lindsey and I spied on their conversation so I was able to hear everything they were saying.

''What do you mean 'What now'?

''Like what now? We've graduated, we both have great qualifications... so what now?''

''We live our life's. In a week we'll be moving out and then we have to see from their.'' Declan says.

''Do you have anything in mind you want to do in life?''

''I have a plan... it's just I don't think you, Mum or even Dad will support it...''

''That depends what it is Declan...?''

''Oh you just have to wait and see big brother!'' Declan says sarcastically. Robin is actually only ten minuets older than his twin brother.

''Declan?'' Robin asked.


''Uh... I love you. Your actually a great brother and a great friend.''

''I love you to big bro!'' Delcan says before pulling him in for a hug.

I begin to cry so much again and they notice that Harrison, Lindsey and I have been spying. They run over to me and comfort me, they could clearly see I didn't want them to go and I was going to miss them. 

My babies are growing up and I just have to face it.


I'm so happy I've got another Generation done and dusted of The Cronwell Legacy!

Thanks to everyone who has been following my legacy for another Generation and I hope you will stick around for another!

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  1. love it and can't wait for gen 7 to start

    1. Thank you! Generation 7 should start in the week to come since I have the pictures taken!!

    2. cool i can't wait for it to start. I hope to start on gen 2 on my legacy soon. Renesmee is the heir in mine

  2. Does this mean you'll be starting the next generation soon? :D Can't wait.

    Great chapter, Kurtis and I can't wait to read more soon. :D

    1. Yes :3 Generation 7 will be starting next week!!

      Thanks for commenting!!

  3. I can't believe Generation six is already over!!! OMG, the boys are so funny! Actually, the whole Cronwell bunch is hilarious. I can't thank you enough for using Harrison as the Generation six spouse. :')

    Awesome post, Kurtis. And I can't wait to Generation seven to start! WOO!

    ~Calista Smith

    1. I know, I must say Cassidy's Generation was one of my favourites :(

      They really are a hilarious bunch, you sure have that right!

      Aww! Thank you so much Molly & it's my pleasure, Harrison IS a great Sim to play with ;)

      Thank you & WOO!!

  4. Haha, Harrison, the overbearing father! Poor Lindsey! :P

    I can't fathom anyone getting this far in a legacy! ;)

    1. Haha he's just such a good daddy and doesn't want to let her go!

      I'm so touched! I am SO determined to finish this legacy before the end of next year! I really love the Cronwell's!!

      Thank you for commenting!!

  5. Awesome chapter kurtis ^__^ the twins are so freaking cute! *faints* anyways, can't wait for the next generation to begin ^__^

    1. Thank you! Yes, they are very handsome :)

      Me to!! I actually planned the next Generation properly so it should be great!

      Thanks so much for commenting :)


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