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Generation 7, Chapter 3 : An extra helping hand.

As weeks passed Lindsey and I continued our search to find Declan. Some use that was, I spent hours and hours on the internet, on social networking sites looking for Declan; Nothing.

I became so desperate that I gathered some money together and hired a private investigator. She was able to retrieve an old work file that belonged to Declan. It didn't give us any valuable information but only his name, age, gender and date of birth.

''Hey Robin have you checked the book-.'' I looked up at her and as I did she missed a step on the stairs and tripped.

She slid all the way downstairs and hit her head right on the last step.

''God are you okay Lindsey!?'' I asked her, concerning a bit but not enough to get out of my chair and help her up.

''Yeah I'm fine, I'll just help myself up.'' She said sarcastically, staring at me.

You said it.'' I muttered under my breath. She brushed her self off and flicked her long hair behind her neck.

''This is so fucking useless.'' I shouted out, hitting my laptop hard enough to make it crash.

''Calm down Rob, there's no need to swear.'' Lindsey said.

''Sorry, it's just... I want to find him. Soon.'' My head kept flickering images in my mind of Declan and I playing when we were younger which just made me even more sad. I held my head in my hands and gripped on my hair in complete stress.

''C'mon Robin! Did we travel hundreds of miles to Bridgeport just for nothing?''

''No.'' I muttered.

''I didn't think so. So let's not waste our time being sad and get out there and look for him. I'll go check all the books over there and you continued to scour the web for any trace of him. There is no way in hell were not going to find out brother, were Cronwell's!''

''I FOUND SOMETHING!'' I yelled out, not noticing Lindsey was only a couple metres away from me.

''It's about damn time!'' She said leaping towards me, leaning on my neck and looking straight into the computer.

''See, look at that paragraph.''
'' Declan Jackson Cronwell, aged 27, male. Employed as a park ranger and photographer in Downtown Avenue Park.''

''A park ranger, seriously?'' Lindsey questioned.

''He did say we wanted to take a new career path.'' I pointed out. I quickly wrote down the address of his workplace and shut my laptop.

''Were going to fine him Lindsey, I can feel it.'' I said looking down at the address and smiling. I grabbed my car keys and grinned at Lindsey.

''Do you think he's changed?'' She asked.

''Good question, I probably don't think so but I bet he has a stubble.'' I said grinning at her.


By time we got to the park a think layer of snow settled on Bridgeport, and the park. The park looked more like a public garden because of the assorted flowers and the huge dome that insulated the plants.

After an hour of searching Lindsey and I were simple lost. We checked every inch of the park yet there was no Declan Cronwell. We asked all the locals yet no name came up as Declan Cronwell. We even checked the employment list and there was still no sign of Declan Cronwell.

''This is just bloody hopeless, there is no way in hell were going to find our brother.'' I said slumping into the cold park bench. Lindsey looked at me with all sadness and sat next to me.  sighed and turned away, at that point I just couldn't be bothered to do nothing anymore, let alone talk

''Listen Robin, don't worry your head off... we'll find Declan Cronwell. It may take us a day, a week, a month or even a long year but we'll find him... just in due time.''

''How Lindsey? Just you!? No one in this damn time has heard of a Declan Cronwell!''

''I have.'' I high voice let out behind me. I jumped a bit and looked to my right to see a stranger next to me.

''No offense bu who are you?'' Lindsey asked awkwardly.

''Declan's boss. I'm Gemma, Gemma Thorton. Please to meet you.'' She said smiling at both of us.

Finally, an extra hand to help us out.

DONE. I am done. This chapter was so easy to write, yet it took so long to get out, thanks to my laptop which decided to give up on me and die.

As you can probably notice, this Generation is really beginning to get started but it will be interrupted... by the Cronwell Christmas Special.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading!

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  1. love it and i can't wait the Crownwell Christmas special.

    1. Thank you Melissa & Kevin! I can't wait either,it's going to be funny, romantic and classy :D

  2. Loved it, Kurtis! And I cannot wait for the Christmas special!

    1. Thank you, Molly! And Yay! It seems everyone is excited for TCCS!!

  3. Loved it! Can't wait for Christmas special ^__^ Gemma is pretty o__o

    1. Thank you Annika! & I know, she really is!! :D

  4. loved this post! NEED ANOTHER SOON


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