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Generation 7 - Introduction

''CRAP.'' Yeah, that's me... the clumsy Robin Cronwell. Today was the day I moved out of my parents house to live on my own in the big world. Of course I would probably see them everyday but it was going to be quite lonely living in a small house on my own. I could get a dog...?

''Why must I be the clumsy one in the family, why not Lindsey or someone?'' I asked myself while I took of my show to see if I cut my skin; Luckily I didn't but it still hurt.

''Uh... Are you aright Robin?'' Declan asked. I jumped once he spoke because I thought I was alone.

''How long have you been in here?''

''Long enough to see your clumsy side... again.'' He said laughing.

''Oh shut up!'' I said putting my show back on.

''Anyway... I need to tell you something Robin....'' He said with a almost sad look on his face.

''What? Did you get a girl pregnant?'' I said in a joking manner but it didn't make him not a slight happier than  a second ago.

''NO!... But it is about a girl.''

''I...I...'' He buried his head in his hands and sat on a table in front of me.

''What Declan, it's okay I won't laugh or anything, just tell me.''

''Okay. You know Paige right?''

''Oh indeed I do, your bitchy girlfriend.''

''Your just jealous that I ACTUALLY have a girlfriend.''

''Whatever.'' I muttered back.

''Anyway about Paige, you know that she's moving to Bridgeport tomorrow...'' He said.

''Uh... I do now.''

''Well she asked me to come with her and... I said yes.'' He said with a sad tone. So that why he's been weird this past week. How can he be ready to just up and leave like this? What the hell.

''What the hell do you mean your said yes!''

''I said Yes. You and Lindsey both know what you want to do in your life and look at me: I don't have a single clue.''


''Maybe if I go to Bridgeport I'll actually find a job that suites me plus I'll still have a wonderful girlfriend which loves me.''

''Yeah right...'' I muttered. ''So you just going to leave your twin brother all alone? Your TWIN brother!''

''Robin were both 21. I think it's about time we split apart and live our own life's don't you think?''

''But... what about mum? Dad? Lindsey?'' I said hoping to change his mind.

''Their all supporting me in this, they said if that's what I want and need to do, go for it.'' He said. ''You know I ho-''

''Hope I understand!? We may be 21 but were twin brothers, and I'm pretty sure twin brothers are supposed to stay together?'' I said abruptly without any regret.

The looks on my little brothers face easily told me that I hurt his feelings. He actually let out a few tears but stayed strong and continued talking.

''Robin, it's not like we are joined at the hip. We both have separate lives that need to be lived. I'm sorry if your angry at my decision but it's my life and I will live it how I like.''

Suddenly I gathered that my crap persuasion wasn't going to keep Declan from leaving so instead of I began crying and slumped unto my bed in tears.

''FINE! Go to damn Bridgeport! See if I care!'' I said in complete rage. That probably hurt his feeling but I couldn't control my emotions at the point in time. As I continued to cry I realised Declan's point, we're not joined at the hip...

''Declan?'' I asked.

''Ready to take another shot at me are you?'' He said trying to hold his tears in.

''No... I'm sorry. Your right, we're not joined at the hip so why should I hold you back from what you really want to do, For my own selfish self?''

He got up and walked to where I was. I could hear him sniffling his nose quite a few times until he began to speak.

''Listen Robin I know I'm probably the last person you want to speak to right now but I can't leave Twinbrook knowing you hate me.''

''Just picture it: Bridgeport is only a two hour drive from here so I can drive up here every week or so. Also there is a possibility that finding a job in Bridgeport won't actually go well or Paige and I could break up and if that was to happen, I'll be coming straight back.''

''Fine. But just don't forget about me.''

''Do you think I could actually forget about my own TWIN brother?''


''Oh shut up Robin, of course I'm not going to forget you!''


An hour later the taxi pulled up outside our house to take Dec;an to the airport. I helped him lug his suitcases down the long staircase into the hallway.

''Well I've got everything I need... so I guess this is goodbye.'' My mum immediately broke into tears and my dad put his arms around her for comfort.

''You better call when you get to your apartment!'' My mum said rubbing the tears off her face with her sleeve.

''Of course mum, In fact I'll Skype you just to be safe.''

''Now Robin don't go and sulk while I'm gone because I'll be back before you know it.''

''I won't bro, take my word for it.''

''Bye everyone, I'll call and Skype you once I arrive.''

I watched Declan as he got into the taxi and waved at me. The Taxi beeped and then drove off unto the motorway.

The day actually came, we've been Split Apart.


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  1. yay! generation 7 is on! whoo! awesome chapter kurtis. cant wait to see what happens next :)

    1. Indeed it is! Thank you & this chapter is going to be quite interesting!!

  2. Ooh, I really like the intro! :D And I love your new header! ^_^

    Awesome chapter, Kurtis!

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Thank you & Aww! I actually used Photoshop this time to create Generation 7's banner so I'm happy you like it ^_^

      Thank you, Molly!

  3. :( I dont want the twins to be separated...

    It feels like just yesterday Cassidy and harrison found out they were having twin boys :')

    Great intro, cant wait to read more !

    1. It's okay Hannah, all will be well soon but for now... Robin will be alone.

      I know right ;_; My babies are all grown up now *sobs*

      Thank you, Hannah!

  4. good chapter!! and btw sorry for the way i acted on the last story i was just going through a lot and in a bad mood....


    1. Thank you :)It's okay, everyone has their ups and downs.

      Thanks, Greame!

    2. and you really think that my houses and venues are that terrible i know there bad but you said they were horrible

    3. No, I was just being rude because you were... I didn't really mean that.


    4. oh ok thanks for aplogizeing(think i spelled that right) hope we can work together some time soon : )


  5. Awe, it's sad to see Declan and Robin be split apart, but I wish them both luck in their lives. :)
    This was a great post and I'm excited to see Robin take on the legacy as Generation 7. :)


    1. I know ;_; & Thank you, hopefully they'll both have great lives!

      Thank you & I agree, I think Robin is going to be an interesting heir...

      Thanks, Hailey!


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