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Generation 7, Chapter 6 : It's go time.

~ There a few inappropriate words in this chapter, just thought I'd let you know~

''Guys! GUYS! He's there. D-Declan is down there...''I urged everyone to come and have a close look at the familiar man below us, just so we, mostly I, could be sure it was Declan.

''Robin I'm sure you just seeing th -.'' Lindsey paused in her tracks and grabbed the binoculars out of Tony's hands which him a bit angry but I was sure he would get over it. She held the binoculars in front of her for minutes before looking back at all of us in shock.

''Is it him...?'' Gemma and I coincidentally said at the same time.

''I-It's him Robin... it's our brother...'' She said, dropping the binoculars.

I took her answer and gave it the benefit of the doubt but there was only one way to find out if it really was him: To see him... face to face.

''Where the hell are you going?'' Gemma, Lindsey and Tony all asked me.

''To get him.''

''NO. Don't Robin. We need to think this out first.'' Lindsey said.

''Are you out of your mind Lindsey!? There's no flipping time to think this out. We need to greet him, face to face.''

''But Robin -.'' I cur her off by bolting down the Apartment stairs.

I ran out the apartment complex. For a minute I didn't have a clue where I was; I looked left, then right and chose to run to the right. I darted round the first corner of the building and ran up the steep pavement.

I could finally see the progressing shape of a man in front of me. As I continued to run full speed towards what looked like my brother I also continued to plan what I'd say to him.

''How are you? What happened to you? You freaking realize mum and dad have been worried sick about you! Why didn't you contact them? Why did you abandon me...?''

Once I got close to him I stopped in my tracks. From the back, he looked like a completely different person. He had long hair. He was wearing tattered clothes which looked like they hadn't been washed for months.

Without any thought in my mind I let out one of the questions I can up with.

''What the hell happened to you?'' I cooed.

''Sorry?'' He replied, no knowing who was behind him.

''Turn around Declan.'' I said to him in a teary, yet firm tone. I pushed my hair back over my forehead and waited for him to turn around.

''Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you're fucking talking to?'' He replied back, quite harshly.
I could already from that very line that my twin brother has changed... a lot.

I simply sighed and replied to him. ''Look behind you Declan.''

''Who are you!?''

''Your freaking twin brother...''


I lashed out on him. ''Yes. It's me. Robin Alistair Cronwell, your brother, twin brother to be in fact. Your older twin brother who helped and protected you for many year but was then stabbed in the back and abandoned by you.''

''Oh shut the fuck up Robin. Do you know what I've been through before these past five years!? Hasn't a single thought crossed your fucking mind that I might of just wanted to be alone?''

''I-I'm sorry... it's just-.'' I cut myself off and though to myself, I should feel pity for him. If he got himself into trouble and needed help there was a perfect home in Twinbrook waiting for him.

''How the hell did your face get like that?'' I said to him, trying to examine the buts and bruises all over his face. However, he rebelled and pushed my hands away from his face.

''I don't need your help Robin, I'm fine.''

Instead of pitying him again I took the opportunity to say what was on my head.

''Fine? You look live you've just been trampled by a horse! Also, no I don't know what you've supposedly been through these five years but you fucking know what? Lindsey, my girlfriend, her boyfriend and I have been have been staying in that apartment for a flipping year searching the streets looking for you!'' I pointed up at the large apartment above us and she stared at it for a while before looking back at me.
''Mum and Dad have been bloody worried sick! Lindsey is  sad almost everyday knowing that you are out there... I even thought you were...dead... at one point but you're obviously not, just fucked up.''

He never replied to what I said but instead looked at me with a heap of guilt in his eyes and walked towards my apartment in silence.

Things were about to get interesting...

The elevator ride was nothing but awkward  I had so much questions to ask him, yet I just didn't have the confidence or strength to ask him them. Once we got out of the elevator unto our floor I rustled my hands through my pocket, pretending to look for my keys to buy time. After a minute passed a actually took my keys out and unlocked the door. I could hear Tony, Lindsey and Gemma all jump up from the couch from the sound of the key and they were probably standing at the door waiting for me to come in with Declan.

I sighed, looked at Declan and opened the door.

At first there was an odd silence from all five of us until I spoke. '' Tony and Gemma, this is Declan... Lindsey and I's brother.''

''Erm... Hi....''

Gemma coughed and gave Declan the famous look. ''So... you're the famous Declan Cronwell I see?'' She said, looking him up and down in disgust. So far, I don't think anyone but Lindsey really liked Declan.

''Yeah I'm Declan. I heard your going out with Robin.''

''I am.'' The conversation ended right there for them. I really couldn't see them getting a lone in the foreseeable future.

''Declan! Your back! I, I mean we, have missed you so much!'' Lindsey was the first to run up and hug Declan. She really missed him with a passion and couldn't wait to reunite with him.

To be honest, all I ever wanted was to hug Declan again... but I think that's going to take some time to happen after what has actually happened.

''I've missed you too baby sis... but before we have a big reunion, can I crash on you guys couch? I have no where else to go.''

''What about your girlfriend?'' I curiously asked him.

''Well... that's a whole new story that I'll tell you tomorrow.''

~Tomorrow was a new day, a new day to find out everything~

''Are you sure you don't want some of my spare clothes Declan?'' I asked him, although he smelt clean his clothes weren't certainly not.

''I'm fine, thank you.'' He said back firmly.

Lindsey just happened to bring up the all important question we've all been wanting to know the answer too.

''So Declan... how have you been these past years?'' I asked him.

'' Okay, well at first it was okay....''

''Oh, Sorry. You know mum has been worried sick about you.'' She said back.

''You don't think I fucking know that.'' She said very firmly at her. She instantly took that statement to heart and looked down at her feet, trying to hide her sadness.

''Declan. Calm your flipping self down and stop taking your anger out on other people. It's not our fault your like this.'' I replied back, it was about time Declan knew what he was dealing with and plus, there was no need to swear at Lindsey.

''Your right. I'm sorry Lindsey, It's just that I've been through a rough five years and you really don't know the half of it.''

''Well tell us! We may be able to help you!'' She got up from her seat and stood in front of Declan, making sure he had a answer to give back.

''Okay... I'll tell you all.''

''It all started once I left Twinbrook....''

''As you know, I moved to Bridgeport and moved in with my girlfriend, Paige. I got a job as a photographer and it actually payed very well. Paige also had a great career and things were going great for us. A couple of months later Paige and I decided to try for a baby and she fell pregnant...and then she changed. She began to not want our baby any more and we had a massive argument about the whole situation. She said she wanted a Abortion as soon as possible and I told her to sit down and think about it but instead she stormed out and she went to the clinic... and purposely had an abortion. She killed our baby. We never talked for days and one day when I came back from where I was doing this photo shoot I suddenly realized she changed the locks on our door. I looked up and there she was looking down at me and throwing my clothes out the window. She said to me, ''I'm not expecting anything any more so you can get your stupid little self out of my life. I hate you.'' I really didn't know what I done or what was wrong with her so instead I took my clothes she threw out and lived in a hotel for two years. A year later I lost my job thanks to depression and was soon living on the streets.

I was thinking of coming back home but I was... too scared. Scared of what you'll all think of me. What I piece of shit I turned into...

So instead I turned to drugs, I never took them, just sold them. I was beginning to make money in the slums of Bridgeport but most recently I got into some trouble with my 'Boss' and got what I deserved. And just from today I was sleeping behind a filthy old bin behind Aquarius.''

''Declan. Why didn't you just come home? Your a Cronwell, were one of the most remembered and respected family known to Twinbrook. We never would of judged you, everyone makes mistake you know.'' I replied, I noticed Lindsey was tearing up and I heard Gemma sigh.

''Declan... I can't believe I'm saying this but I feel for you. My father went through the same thing but he turned out great, marrying my mother, having me and getting a great job. You've made a mistake in your life but it can easily be fixed. I'm... here for you Declan, if you ever need help.'' I never heard Gemma talk like this to any one, I never even knew her father's past either.

''Thank you Gemma. Thank you so much.''

''Wait. By Paige do you mean Paige Deacon by any chance?'' Lindsey asked Declan.

''Yes, she used to go to our Secondary school... remember her?'' Declan replied.

''That bitch. Don't blame yourself Declan for her killing your baby, she's always been like that: An inconsiderate little whore.'' She replied. I never heard such foul language from Lindsey, now that I have I could clearly see she was angry.

''Nobody messes with one of my brothers head and get's away with it. Were going to track down that bitch and give her a piece of our minds. Who's with me?'' She said and asked everyone in the room.

''I guess so...'' Declan said.

''Bitch fight? I'm so there!'' Tony said.

''Girl you know I'm there!'' Gemma said.

''Do you really need an answer?'' I said, trying to express how much I wanted to kill Paige.

''Now, starting from tomorrow: Operation ''Kill that Bitch'' Gemma said and everyone started to laugh.

It was beginning to look like everything was going back to normal once again.


God this post took me forever to write.

Sorry for quite a it of swearing, this post just needed it.

Thank you for reading Chapter 6 of The Cronwell Legacy.

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