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Generation 7, Chapter 7 : An emotional, Romantic and surprising ending to Bridgeport.

Before we moved back to Twinbrook there was one thing we, I mean Declan, needed to clean up.

His relationship between himself and his bitch of a girlfriend, Paige. He never told me in depth, what happened between them but from what he did tell me about her having an abortion and kicking him out, she seems to be a horrible a horrible person.

''Guys... I'm not entirely sure about this. S-She hates me...'' Declan said to us remaining four. He became more and more nervous as we got closer and closer to Paige's house.

''Look Declan, you should go for it. You can't just leave Bridgeport without at least trying to make amends with your girlfriend....'' Gemma said, with an enthusiastic smile.

''...She's right Delcan, you should at least try, you never know what will happen....'' I said, trying even more to boost his confidence.

''...And besides big bro, is she hurts you again I'll break her face. Simple.'' Lindsey said, as bad as it sounded, it was true; When it came to family and close friends my little sister would go through any lengths to stick up for them, that was one of her many good traits.

''Fine, but if this all goes wrong, I'm blaming it all on every single one of you... expect from Tony.'' Delcan said. I noticed Tony kept out from out family business, which had it's good and bad points.

''Now you guys know why I keep out of everything, it all will end well by staying out of it...'' Tony said.

Ding Dong.The Bell let out a loud ring and almost instantly someone opened the door.

The person resembled to be a girl, which ginger (almost brown) hair and big grey eyes. She had a dark lace dress on and answered the door dusting stuff off of it.

''Hi there -.'' Her face turned a horrible shade of pink as she noticed the man at the door resembled her ex boyfriend, my brother of course.

''D-Declan... is that really you...?'' She had to ask, by the way she said that it seemed Declan's physical looks had changed since they broke up.

''It's me Paige, Declan. It's me.'' Declan said, looking back at us in pure nervousness. Lindsey used hand gestures to urge him to confront her, but instead he took the high road of things.

''What do you want...?'' She asked, rubbing her puffy hair.

''I'm leaving Bridgeport. My family and friends behind me somehow convinced me to try and amend things between us... there is no harm in trying. Can we please come in?''

''S-Sure.'' She was still lost of word ever since she saw his battered and rough face.

A few minutes later we made ourselves right at home she went into the kitchen to fetch something. I overheard Lindsey whispering into Gemma's ears.

''Her house is so simple and plain. Doesn't she have any self respect!?'' Lindsey said.

I'm sure Paige overheard Lindsey because she made quite an awkward face to us. She then walked over, but straight to Declan.

''What do you want Declan?'' She asked him.

''A reason.''

''A reason to what?'' She asked again.

''As to why you hate me. As to why you kicked me out. As you why you killed our baby.'' He blurted out. Pure guilt, mixed with anger, rushed into Paige, you could just tell from the red veins popping out from her eyes.

''Because I never loved none of them. Never did; Never will.'' That sentence took Declan down, he accepted the fact that she never loved him but he couldn't get his head around as to why Paige would do such a thing to a poor and defenceless child.

''Hold the fuck up, bitch.'' Lindsey said, jumping out of the chair right into Paige's face.

''Okay I get that fact that you do not like my brother any more but to take that anger and hatred out on a poor unborn child is pure sickness, you should be ashamed of yourself, you whore.''

''And who is this now Delcan, your little sister? Ar you getting your baby sister to fight your little petty arrangement's are you? You were and are a complete piece of rubbish. I was right to get rid of our baby, it just would of been raised by a complete fool.''

''You know what-.'' Lindsey said before actually cutting herself off and raising her hand.

''You my dear bitch are a inconsiderate, sinister and useless waste of space. You turned Robin and I's brother into a complete different person to he was before and I'm not going to let you carry on doing that.''

At that point she slapped Paige and she almost took a tumble and fell.

''Ladies. Ladies. STOP!'' Gemma called out, pulling my sister and Paige off of each other.

She took matters into her own hands.

''Now you two stay in their for half an hour and sort out your feelings for each other, Lindsey go outside and get some fresh air! Everyone just needs to cool off!'' Gemma stated with some form of authority.

''Robin don't take this the wrong way but your family needs sorting out, your the oldest so I think you need to take matters into your own hands.''

''I'm not the best for these sort of events but I know that I have you and you'll help me out just how I help you out.'' I pulled a bunch of Lillie's from behind the chair and gave it to her.

''Aww Robin their beautiful, thank you so much honey!'' She said, hugging him.

''Are you okay now love?'' Tony asked Lindsey.

''I'm fin thanks babe, it's just that that bitch needs to know their is a limit between her and our family.''


Declan and Paige were locked in her bedroom to sort out their ways. At first their was an awkward silence but Declan finally re built up the courage to speak up.

''Paige honey.... what did I do?''

''I-It was-.'' She busted into tears and turned towards the window in complete sadness.

''Please Paige, tell me.''

''Fine.'' She said, but not turning around to look at him.

''... I didn't really have an abortion, I fell at work and that day when I was out late, I was really in the hospital, waiting to see if our baby was okay. But I lost it, we lost it. I thought you wouldn't love me any more because we had nothing to look forward too so then I changed... I threw you out, changed the locks and have been living here for so long now.''

Declan was simply stunned. He never knew how to contemplate that, but instead he asked the most obvious and wrong question.

''Why didn't you just tell me?''

''Why, Why, WHY! WHY? Because I'm a woman Declan, I have mixed emotions. I was a pregnant woman who lost her baby just a matter of hours ago, what was I supposed to do, sing oh happy days!?''

''Don't you dare Paige! That was my baby too you know! I couldn't wait for it to be born, decorating the nursery and getting up all over the house to pamper and satisfy your needs!''

''It's not my fault! I wanted that baby just as much as you did Declan!''

''So why did you lie and say that you got an abortion then!?'' Declan spat out. Paige turned a pale colour and dropped to the ground in complete and utter sadness.

''I-I-I don't know. I just wanted you, the baby, us... as a family. I just wanted to be happy for once in my shit and useless life. I mean look at me! I look like a piece of shit straight from the dustbin! Delcan... I just wanted to be happy....''

''And we can be Paige, together. If things work out between us we can have another child. Then we can have a family... together. That's all I've ever wanted with you Paige, a family.''

''Seriously?'' She cooed while wiping her tears.

''Yes. So much. Why do you think I left my family all the way in Twinbrook so many years ago, it was for you. For us.''

Paige got up and pulled Declan up, she kissed him and whispered something in his ear.

''I love you.''

~^*^ BACK TO ROBIN ^*^~

Declan actually sorted out his relationship with Paige and they both agreed to try again; If he was happy, so was I. Tony insisted us four go up to this cool place to see the Sun set but also because he had something to announce.

 And apparently... so did my sister.

''Tony... I have no idea how you are going to react to this so I'll just tell you straight up. I'm pregnant!'' Lindsey said, Tony's eyes widened with fear, which quickly turned into happiness.

''Pregnant!? Since when?'' About five weeks along now, I know I should of told you earlier but I just wanted to be sure, so I went to see a doctor and got it confirmed, were having a baby!''

''Oh my god. I can't believe I'm going to be a father.'' Tony said, hugging Lindsey tight, but not tight enough to crush the baby of course.

''Well... at that great news I always have some great news to deliver to you Miss. Cronwell.''

''And that is...?'' Tony got on one knee and took out a black box out of his pocket.

Oh god. 

''Lindsey Maria Cronwell, will you do me the honor of becoming Lindsey Maria Robbins?'' He proposed, to my sister.

My sister.

''Yes Yes Yes! A thousand times Yes! Of course I will!'' Lindsey replied back, with the hugest grin ever seen on her face..

''I can't believe your sister is getting married!'' Gemma said to me, looking behind my shoulder at them.

''Maybe we can get married some day....?'' I said.

''Maybe we can, but remember, I do have to agree!'' She said, winking at me.

''Oh don't act like you'll turn me down!'' I said, grinning at her.

''True, fair point. Your a pretty amazing boyfriend.'' She says to me, kissing me on cheek.

''And hopefully one day you'll be my amazing wife.... if you agree.''



Bridgeport is finally out of the picture, it was really beginning to get annoying switching from save to save. Anyway, thank you for reading yet another lengthy chapter of The Cronwell Legacy.

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  1. IS THAT A PROPOSAL?!?!?!!


    I can't wait to see Tony and Lindsey's baby/babies! This is a stunning post and I neeeeeed more. xD


    1. Yes, yes it is Hannah :D

      I know, I really can not wait either and I just pray their babies are so damn cute! Robin is going to be the best uncle EVER, and Declan of course :3

      Thank you, Hannah! :)

  2. Yay!!! I can't believe Lindsey is getting married! :D <-- my face

    Also, I'm glad Paige and Declan are back together. Sometimes people just need to listen to each other instead of making assumptions.

    Great post, Kurtis! And I cannot wait for the wedding!


    1. I know, she was once my little bebe ;_____;

      I know, you are really right. All they needed was to be in one room (thanks to the wonderful Gemma) and talk it out, and it worked!

      Thank you & I can't wait for it either, it is going to be good, but not as great as Robin's future wedding <33

      Thanks for commenting, Molly!

  3. Hey kurtis,
    Julie (sheldon) here.
    It is amazing kurtis. U r soo talented.
    It takes a lot to make me cry and this chapter made me cry. Its so full of passion an i can see tht u enjoy wht you do.
    Lookin forward to Next chapter!!!!!!
    Sheldon xx

    1. Awww, i'm glad to hear I set your feels off! Aww, thank you for the kind words, Julie! Uh...I mean Sheldon ;)

      Thanks so much for reading & commenting!

    2. LOL sheldon and u r welcon kurtis. Anyways sheldon only ever speaks the truth. Xx


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