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Generation 7, Chapter 8: Were finally home.

Twinbrook had more or less completely changed when we arrived off the plane; Not only did Twinbrook change  so did our lives.

As you know Lindsey and Tony are getting married soon and after that, expecting a baby. Tony, obviously  moved back to Twinbrook with us but most importantly, his wife-to-be and his unborn child.

Declan and Paige actually sorted out their 'issues' with each other and their relationship.They seem to be getting on really well and Paige also move back to Twinbrook to live with him.

As for Gemma and I... were good. To be honest with everything going on around us, we haven't had any time to express and show our love for each other. I love Gemma, with all my heart but we just never have time for each other.

...Hopefully that will change now that were back in Twinbrook, settled down.

Before we took a visit to mum's house, we stopped at the new local diner near the river.

We only ordered drinks and started to talk about Twinbrook. Just as we started Lindsey jumped out of her seat in excitement.

''The baby's kicking!''

''Oh my god, it is!'' Tony said, putting his hand and head unto my sister's belly.

''So... how are you liking it here in Twinbrook so far?'' I asked everyone, but I mainly directed it at Gemma.

''... I like it. It is complete different to Bridggport, where I grew up, so it's going to take some getting used to.''

''I can help getting you used to it.'' I said, grinning at her.

''And how could you do that Robkins?'' She asked me, winking seductively at me.

''Oh just you wait and see...''

Paige interrupted out minute of flirting by sharing her opinion to all of us.

''To be honest, I don't think this town is my taste. It's nothing like Bridgeport and is a bit too country for me, but I do love the scenery, it is much prettier than Bridgeport, that's for sure.''

''...Okay...'' I said, dismissing her point. Although Declan seems to be happy with Paige again, I still haven't completely forgave her of what she done to my brother, and neither did Lindsey, it seems.

''...So Declan... are you ready to go see-er- mum?...''

''I...-uh-...-erm...'' Instead of Declan carrying on stuttering, he got out of his seat and walked over to the swing set.

''I knew that would set him off, you need to go and do something.'' Gemma said, throwing her head to the side where Declan was.

''What? What should I do? He's scared, I can see it.''

''Talk, that's all you need to do. Talk.'' She replied, I got out of my seat and turned around slowly to see Declan looking depressed.

''You know mum and dad will be happy to finally see you...'' I said as I took a seat on the swing next to him.

''I know but I'm still scared. I mean, it's been five year since I last saw mum and dad. I'm scared of change. They've changed, you've changed, Lindsey's changed, this whole freaking town has changed and I'm just scared of it, scared of the change.''

''Declan you really don't know how much they want to see you, their afraid too, of what their little boy has become. You have to face them Declan, you have to.'' I said, staring blankly at the ground.

''Fine, but I'm not ringing the doorbell.'' He said.


Just an hour later we reached our parents house. It still looked the same, at least, from the outside.

Us three siblings stepped up closer to the door.

''So... who is going to press the bell...?'' Lindsey asked.

''Robin.'' Declan said.

''Why me!?''

''Because you're the eldest child, therefore you should press the bell.'' Lindsey pointed out, with a nod of agreement from Declan afterwards.

''Fine...'' I said, sighing.

''Ding-Dong,Ding-Ding-Dong....'' The bell went, we heard calm footsteps approach the door and turn the handle.

''Goodeve-.'' Our mum started to talk before she saw who was actually at the door.

''Hi mum.'' We said all in sync.

She was completely astound at the sight in front of her, she looked straight a Declan, then at Lindsey's belly, then back at Declan.

Her eyes widened with shock, then with sadness, then back to shock. It seemed she couldn't force any words what so ever out of her mouth.

''My babies....''

''Uh... Hi mum. It's me... Declan.'' He said, rubbing his hands down his thick brown hair, which coincidentally resembled my mothers.

In fact, all of our hairs were different. I got my father's (Red), Declan got my mother's (Light Brown) and Lindsey, somehow, got a mix of both colours into her hair making it a Light Brown/Red colour.

''M-M-My babies!'' My mother said, wrapping her arms around all of us, but mostly Declan. Before she mentioned anything about Lindsey's baby bump she quickly tended to Declan's lightly bruised face.

''What happened to you Declan? Are you okay? Did someone do this to you?'' She asked, question after question fired out of her mouth. Declan pulled away and frowned.

''I'm fine mum, I just uh... fell down the stairs...'' My mum was about to question that 'apparent' incident but she was interrupted by my flabbergasted father.

''D-Declan? Is that you boy?'' My father also stuttered out. Unlike me mother, my father was angry at Declan.

''Where have you been young man? What have you been up to? Are you well? Your mum and I have been worried sick.''

''Drop it dad, seriously this is not the time, nor the place for this talk.'' Declan said, not accepting dad's hug.

Gemma and Tony went upstairs to explore our childhood home while we all had a proper family talk.

''Declan. Let's just get right to the point, why did you not contact us for over four years?'' My mum asked. It caught everyone off guard.

''It all started once I left Twinbrook....''

''As you know, I moved to Bridgeport and moved in with my girlfriend, Paige. I got a job as a photographer and it actually payed very well. Paige also had a great career and things were going great for us. A couple of months later Paige and I decided to try for a baby and she fell pregnant...and then she changed. She began to not want our baby any more and we had a massive argument about the whole situation. She said she wanted a Abortion as soon as possible and I told her to sit down and think about it but instead she stormed out and she went to the clinic... and purposely had an abortion. She killed our baby. We never talked for days and one day when I came back from where I was doing this photo shoot I suddenly realized she changed the locks on our door. I looked up and there she was looking down at me and throwing my clothes out the window. She said to me, ''I'm not expecting anything any more so you can get your stupid little self out of my life. I hate you.'' I really didn't know what I done or what was wrong with her so instead I took my clothes she threw out and lived in a hotel for two years. A year later I lost my job thanks to depression and was soon living on the streets.

I was thinking of coming back home but I was... too scared. Scared of what you'll all think of me. What I piece of shit I turned into...

So instead I turned to drugs, I never took them, just sold them. I was beginning to make money in the slums of Bridgeport but most recently I got into some trouble with my 'Boss' and got what I deserved. And just from today I was sleeping behind a filthy old bin behind Aquarius.''

What he said caught everyone off guard, especially my parents who sat there looking at Declan, in absolute shock. 

With Lindsey being clever and all, she diverted the conversation unto her, taking the stress off of Declan.

''Mum;Dad, if you didn't notice, I'm pregnant!''

Dad got up, looked at Lindsey and went a much paler shade of his own pale skin tone.

''Y-Your pregnant? With Tony, right?'' My dad asked, beginning to sweat.

''Yes dad, it is Tony's. I am now a whore. Plus, were getting married in two months!''

''I can't believe I'm, I mean we, are going to be young grandparents! Also, congratulations to you and Tony on your engagement! I can't believe my little girl is going to have another little person, maybe even a girl!'' My mum couldn't contain her excitement.

My dad on the other hand, was still standing there in shock.



''Yes honey?'' She asked me, with a smile.

''Are you happy? With us being back?''

''Robin dear, I cannot simply put into words how happy I am to see all my babies back together in on house; To see my little girl have a little girl of her own; To see my eldest son done a good job of looking after his younger siblings.'' She said.

''Thank you Robin, thank you so much.'' ''I love you.'' My mum said, hugging me.

Hours later, it got late and it was about time we all went back to what used to be only my house. Now I share it with Six, soon seven, other people.

''It was great to see all of your guys and remember to come around tomorrow at about six, I'm cooking lamb chops & roast potatoes!'' My mum said, wrapping her arm around my dad's back and winking at me.

''We will! I enjoy your Lamb chops mum so I'm sure this baby will too!'' Lindsey said, rubbing her belly.

Were finally home.

In one place.



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  1. Harrison looks so great as an older-aged man. :P He ages quite well. ^_^

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