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Generation 7, Chapter 10: You can always share your life with someone else, you know, not just for the thrill of it.

A month after my sister had Emily, they were finally able to fine a suitable home for all of them to live in. Tony signed the dead at City Hall and a few days later they were all packed and ready to leave. With little Emily, they had to pack up her crib last because she wasn't old enough to be put in a buggy, freely.

''I can't believe you three are leaving....'' Gemma said, gazing at little Emily.

''I know, It's been so fun having such a large house...which all got on with each other.'' Paige said, also gazing a little Emily.

I turned around and let out a small sigh. I much as I was thrilled to see my sister move on with her life, a part of me still didn't want to let her go. Lindsey had lived with me for six years and we actually never had one fight, it was amazing living with her and having such a fun time together, even without Declan. And I know at least I still have gemma, and Declan... and Paige and the fact that she isn't moving to far, (only about ten or fifteen away from us but I was still going to miss her.

''You alright, Robin?'' Lindsey said to me, and at the same time singing to little Emily.

''I-I'm fine...'' I stuttered out, turning to hide my sadness by turning around.

''No your not, I know you Robin, after all you are my brother. I'm going to miss you too. Just because Tony, little Emily and I are moving out doesn't mean we are going to never see each other again, were only moving down the street!''

''I-I know it's just...'' I simply didn't know what to say. I had no reason to keep my little sister protected any more, she has a husband to do that for her and her child.

''Come here bro...'' She said, handing little Emily to Declan. She twisted me grounded to be greeted with my sad face.

''Don't be sad Robin, we'll probably come over every other day or something like that but don't think just because I'm married, with a child, is going to stop me seeing my big brothers!''

She looked over to Declan and we all had a nice sibling hug.

''You two are seriously the best big brothers I have asked for. You've taught me so much in life, led me through a great path, and even to get married and have my little girl. Thank you so much, I love you two.'' She said, pulling us both in for a hug and practically squashing Emily's little head between us.

The time finally came when the Taxi beeped outside my house. Tony and Declan helped Lindsey to put all the bags in the taxi and when they were donec they came back upstairs one more time to say goodbye.

''You guys are just amazing. When I met Robin and Lindsey I could clearly see you guys were having a tough time and all and I was determined to help you two. Somehow, I fell deeply in love with Lindsey, got married and now we have little Emily to love and protect.'' He then looked directly at me and smiled. ''Robin, I want to thank you the most. You helped me... with everything. Without me meeting you and Lindsey all those years ago my life would be completely different so I just wanted to say, thanks mate, thanks a lot.'' He smiled at me and I hugged him.

As they walked down the front porch, cradling their baby, I thought of everything good I have in my life.

Throughout these last six years I gained a loving girlfriend, my twin brother back, and beautiful niece, a wonderful sister and a best friend... and I am so thankful for every single one.

''You okay...Robin?'' Paige asked me.

''Yes...I'm fine.'' I closed the window as they drove off and Gemma approached me.

''Don't be sad baby, their just moving down the street and I'll bet they'll still be constantly coming over here!'' She said, trying to cheer me up.


''Hey!; I know what will cheer you up, how about we all go to the Autumn Festival?'' Declan suggested from the other end of the living room.

''Sure, I'm i'm in the moo for some pumpkin calving!'' I said, grinning at everyone.


My house became pretty quiet.

Declan and Paige were mostly at Paige's apartment downtown so for most of the day it was just Gemma and I, until they came back one evening.

''Do we really have to watch this damn cooking channel?'' Declan asked, moaning at Gemma.

''We don't, but let's see what your girlfriend thinks...'' They both turned to look at her and saw she drifted to sleep. ''...See! This bloody channel put her to sleep, that's how boring it is!'' He said.

''Well, maybe if this was your own house you could choose what we watch!'' Gemma said, rolling her eyes at Declan.

''What are you trying to imply, Gemma?'' He asked.

''Oh nothing...'' She said, fixing her formal blue dress. ''...I think we should move Robin, you know... to give them two a bit of space.'' She said.
Her proposal struck me, I move out? Out of my own home?

I got up almost instantly and looked at all of them.

''Erm... what do you mean we move out...?'' I asked her curiously.

''We should move out! We can put a deposit on a nice house somewhere in Twinbrook, change your name to Declan's name on the deed and it's all done! What do you think?''

''I-I....'' I stuttered out. What struck me the most was the fact that she expected us to move out and not Declan and Paige.

Paige soon interfered into the conversation. ''Well, I think this is a great idea. Declan and I both have stable jobs and I'm certain Declan and I can maintain this house. I'm not saying you should but it's an idea...'' She said, looking at me.

I then diverted me eyes to Declan, he hadn't proposed anything into this conversation yet.

''What do you think about this, Declan?'' I asked.

'''To be honest, I think this is a great idea. I mean, it seems you and Gemma will get married one day so you might as well start looking for a nice family home. Paige and I are expecting a child of our own so were soon going to need a place of our own and what better place than here!?''

''I guess....'' I said.

''You guess what Robin?'' Gemma asked, logging onto the laptop.

''But-'' I was about to talk, but quickly got cut off by Paige.

''Robin, I know this place means so much to you but your eventually going to have to move one day and someone else will have to live in it, and what better people to do then us!'' She stated.

''Fine! Let's start searching for houses!'' I said, grinning at Gemma.

Gemma literally took minutes to find a house suitable for us; It seemed she already searched for a anticipated house before any of this was mentioned...

''Robin! Robin! Look at this house!'' She said, calling me over.

''I'm here, show me.''

''Well this is it.'' She titled the screen and I saw a rather large house. ''It's perfect for us. It has a nice open office for your architectural career; a enormous greenhouse out back for my gardening profession; Four bedrooms and three bathrooms and it was such a nice view of the East Brook River.

''Your right, it is perfect. I love it, let's move there, as soon a possible.'' I said.

''Yay! I knew you'd love it, it's just perfect for us.'' She said, looking at the address and price of the house.

I then turned to Paige and Declan. Before we'd be able to move, I would have to sign the house over to Declan.

''Are you sure you want my house Declan?''

''Positive. It's perfect for us, and our developing baby.''

We then all sat at the table to sign the deed over.

''I can't believe were moving out of this house...'' I say, crossing out my name from the deed.

''Well... it's not like you will never be welcome here bro, you always will!'' He said, signing his name unto the new deed.

''Done.'' I said, pushing the deed towards them. ''The house is officially yours.''


The following week came by and I noticed Paige began to show. It was a small bump though, nothing to big. I also dropped off the new deed at City Hall and they registered it.

The house was not officially there's, which meant it was time for us to leave. Since the house had already been furnished we never took any furniture, only the essentials.

''Thanks a lot Robin, you know, for signing your own home over to us. We will treat it with respect and keep it up to your standards just like it was when you were living. Just expect a color change on some of the walls!'' Paige said, grinning at me.

''No problem Paige and do what you like, after all it is you guys house now!'' I said, smiling at her.

''I'm going to miss living with you bro!'' Declan said, pulling me in for a tight hug.

''I'm going to miss living with you too, you sure you'll be okay?'' I asked him, even though we swore never to do what he done again in Bridgeport, you never know what could happen again.

''Yes, yes I'll be fine! Stop worrying about me and go live you life with your girlfriend!'' He said enthusiastically, before urging me to leave. I loaded all of our bags in the Jeep and Gemma and I were ready to go.

''Ready babe?'' I asked her before pulling her in for a passionate kiss.

''I've never been so ready for anything.'' She replied.

''Good... because I have a surprise for you later...'' I said to her, then leading her to the car.


We arrived at the new house an hour later, all the way across Twinbrook; However, the house was purely stunning.

It had the right size, shape, color and layout any family home needed. It even had a little pet kennel under the corner tree which gave me an idea of getting a pet.

''God this house is perfect Gemma, how did you know I would like it so much!?'' I curiously asked her, I was still in shock of the absolute beauty of this house behind us.

As we entered the hallway I peered into a dark kitchen, seeing white brick walls and white surfaces.

''I haven't even been in another room yet and I am already in love with this house, but you know, not as much as I am in love with you Gemma.'' I said, constantly trying to get her happy and excited for my big surprise later on.

''Oh Robin!'' She said, jumping unsuspectingly into my arms. ''I'm so glad you like it, but more inportantly that you love me!'' She said.

''Of course I love you Gemma, you're everything to me.''


''Yes!'' I replied, kissing her on her cheek.

By the time I finished exploring all the rooms in the house it was pretty late so we decided to go to bed.


''Yeah honey?''

''I still never showed you that surprise, would you still like to see it?'' I asked her, she turned around and I winked at her.

I could honestly see she thought the surprise was a night of intimacy but it wasn't.

''Well, that depends, what kind of 'surprise'?'' She asked me, climbing unto my legs and flicking off my slippers.

After an hour of making love we were both very tired.

''Gemma... this wasn't the surprise.'' I admitted to her.

''Then what was?'' She asked, buttoning her lace gown.

''Come with me...'' I said, putting my slippers back on. I walked to the balcony door and opened it, slipping something into my dressing gown pocket.

''Isn't the stars out beautiful tonight?'' I asked her.

''Yes, they are.''

''But not as beautiful as you, though.''I replied back, tightly gripping her soft tiny hands.

''Stop Robin, your too good to me!''

''Only the finest for the finest.'' I replied back once more, looking at her adorable smile. At that very moment I could tell, it was time.

''Gemma...  I-I have something very important to ask you...'' I said, traditionally getting on one knee and pulling the ring out of my gown pocket.

''And that is-.''

''Gemma Elaine Thorton, you make me happier than I can probably ever be in my life. You seriously do complete me and why not make this completion real... by marrying me? Will you marry me Gemma?''

''I-I...'' She said, gazing at the huge ring.

''Does that mean a 'yes'?'' I asked.

''Of course Robin, a thousand times yes! I will marry you, I will become Mrs. Cronwell!'' She said in excitement.

I slid the ring on her small finger and she busted into tears.

''Thank you.'' She said, all teary eyed.

''Thank you for what Gemma?'' I asked her.

''For this. For you. For us.''

''Your welcome Gemma. I'm going to love you, love you for a thousand years.''



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