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Generation 7, Chapter 11: Oh my goodness, i'm getting married in a week.


It's been about a week since we moved into this large house. To be honest, I still get lost in it sometimes because of all the twists and turns. Today I'm going to pick out a wedding dress for Robin and I's wedding. Lindsey and Paige are coming with me to help and little Emily insisted she wanted to go with her mummy so she is coming too.

''Robin, are you in here?'' I called out into the study.

''Hey Gem, you need me?'' He asked me, turning around slightly and smiling.

''No, I just wanted to let you know I'm going to pick up my wedding dress!''

''Oh, yes! Alright, have fun!'' He said, jumping out of his chair and kissing me.

''Wow, your kisses never get old Robin.'' I said,embracing the softness of his ripe red lips.

''You know what else never get's old?'' He asked me, seductively moving his hands towards my butt.

''What is that Robbie?'' I ask, planting another kiss on his laps.

''Kissing you, passionately against the window.''

''Well, why don't we do that now?'' As soon as I say that he picked me up swiftly and placed me against the window. As we kissed I could feel his soft flow up my neck and threw my hair.

''Enjoy that?'' He asked me, gently placing me on the floor.

''Like nothing else Robbie, I have to go now, see you in a few hours!'' I said, letting go of his hands.

''Goodbye, my love! I bid you farewell!'' He said with a posh accent.

''Very funny Robbie, who are you trying to imitate?'' I asked him curiously.

''Oh... no one.'' He said, winking sharply at me.

''Your are one sneaky devil you are!'' I said, winking back at him and walking out.


A good half an hour passed while I waited at the dress shop for Paige and Lindsey.

The room was actually decorated for our, which of course costed a bit. I began to daydream about our upcoming wedding... which was less than a week away.

I pictured Robin and the boys waiting for me at the isle. Then I would come down the walkway, in my long thin dress, grinning like a stupid idiot. Robin would pull me in for a kiss and then we would both grin at each other like stupid idiots.


Gemma? Are you up here? I heard a familiar voice, Paige. I also heard someone mutter 'She better be up here because I'm walking up another flight of stairs with a baby and heavy shopping bag in my hand.'

''You really need to stop complaining Lindsey, at least you weren't carrying triplets in your pregnancy...'' Paige said, examining her rather large bump. No wonder it was so big and she was only four months into her pregnancy.

''Woah, triplets... that is going to be hard!'' I said, turning my head to see an aggravated mother, a bouncy and bubbly kid and a rather huge expecting mother.

''I know, but me and Declan have talked about it and we can pretty much handle them.'' Paige replied.

''So you think...'' Lindsey replied, wiping the drool of little Emily off of her. ''...Taking care of one child is hard enough let alone three! Let's hope the lord is with you with this one.'' She said, putting her bag down.

''Motherhood...What is it like?'' I curiously asked. I've never thought of being a mother until Robin proposed to me; Ever since all I can think about is children.

I looked at Paige when she frowned at me. ''....Well don't ask me, I'm an expecting mother, not a mother.'' She said.

''Okay then... what about you Lindsey, since you have a baby in your arms?'' I asked her.

''It's the hardest challenge in life, yet the most rewarding at that.'' That's all she said, then grinning at me and sitting down with Emily on her lap.

''So do you have any ideas for a dress yet?'' Lindsey asked me, moving Emily big bunny from her face.

''Well yeah, sort of. While you guys were taking forever to arrive I took a peak upstairs and instantly I saw the perfect dress! But I'm not entirely sure about it.

''Not entirely sure about it!'' Paige butted in, making me turn around swiftly. ''If you said it's perfect for you get your ass upstairs and try on the damn dress!'' She said to me in a rather angry tone.

''Woah, calm down Paige, I was just telling you guys what I thought...''

''No I'm sorry, I've been doing this to Declan. It's these babies, their messing with my hormones!'' Paige said to me, staring angrily at her bulging bump.

''Girl you got those mood swing bad!'' Lindsey, examining Paige with her eyes.

'' I know... Sorry Gemma.'' Paige replied.

''It's alright. Anyway, I'm going to try on the dress now.'' I said, getting up off of my chair.

I left Paige and Lindsey in the small room bickering about pregnancy and I went upstairs into the predominantly white dress room.

There it was again, my perfect dress. It stood out more than others, and not because of the hand stitched lace on it, because it was perfect, for my body, for my future husband and most importantly, myself.

I slid into the dress perfectly; I felt like such a princess.

After ten minutes of standing in front of me mirror, admiring the dress, I went back downstairs. The heels I also had on clunked down the stairs and made Lindsey and Paige aware that I was coming down.

''Here I am.'' I said, entering the room.

''Your were damn right when you said that was your perfect dress you know...'' Paige told me, admiring the lace fit on my back.

''This dress... is amazing. I swear if I wasn't pregnant with Emily I would of totally stole this dress from you. Well technically it wouldn't be stealing because you wasn't engaged then.'' Lindsey said.

I then turned to Emily for advice, of course she couldn't talk but maybe she would signify some sort of answer that makes me know this is the right dress.

''Emily! What do you think of this dress?'' I asked her. He looked up and grinned at me, but this wasn't a normal grin, it was her mother and uncles grin, the 'Cronwell' grin as I call it. That grin always meant yes, so I took her grin as my final decision.

I picked her up off of the chair and tickled her. ''Well miss Emily, if you like it, Auntie Gemma must purchase it!'' Sh carried on giggling and then insisted to got back to her mummy.

''Guys, thank you so much for helping me out today. Without you two, I probably wouldn't be where I am or right here, right now. You two are the best girlfriend I could have!''


Two days later Declan had organised a stag do before we left to Sunset Valley for Gemma and I's wedding.

The party was 'exclusive access only' so a bouncer was hired to keep any unwanted guests out. When the five of us arrived at the night club the first thing I heard was booming continuous music.

My dad was the first one to mention the 'dancer' as he went in first. Tony knew I wasn't into the whole stripping thing so he told Declan to order a dancer instead.

''Is the really appropriate?'' He asked.

''Blame Declan and Tony, they hired her.'' I said, looking at them. The turned around and stared into my dad's angry face, awkwardly.

I was dragged to the dance floor by Declan and Tony, whereas my dad gave us some space and sat at the bar, reminiscing about his children to the bartender.

At first, I hated it but when my favorite song came on I just had to start dancing.

Never had much faith in love or miracles
Never wanna put my heart on the line.
But swimming in your world is something spiritual
I'm born again every time you spend the night

Cause your sex takes me to paradise
Yeah your sex takes me to paradise
And it shows, yeah, yeah, yeah
Cause you make feel like, I've been locked out of heaven
For too long, for too long
Yeah you make feel like, I've been locked out of heaven
For too long, for too long

Oh yeah yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah yeah

After the singing and goofy dancing we hit the typical gaming machine.

''Oh this fu-'' Declan was about so shout out, but I butted in and stopped him from swearing.

''Oi! There is no need to swear you know Declan!'' I said to him, then returning to the game in front of me.

''It's so lucky that I win all the time on these machines...'' Tony said.

''Wow, way to boast mate.'' I replied, trying to concentrate on the game.

''Oh screw this! I'm so done with this crap.'' Declan shouted out with fury and kicking the machine in the process.

Tony, later that evening, got drunk and started flirting with the dancer. My dad quickly 'investigated' from a far just in case he made the wrong move.

I joined Declan at the counter because he looked as if he was in a daze.

''You alright Dec?'' I asked him.

''Yes, but there's something we've, Paige and I, have been meaning to tell you. Not just you, mum, dad and Lindsey.''

''What is it Declan?''

''So you know that Paige is pregnant...'' He said.

''Yes Declan, it's kind of obvious.'' I said, letting out a small laugh. People could tell Paige was pregnant from a mile away since your bump was so damn big, even for the stage she was at.

''Well she's isn't that having one baby...'' He said.

''Oh god, how many Declan?'' I asked him with concern.

''Three. Robin she's having triplets!'' He said, I could see him having a sort of panic attack.

''Declan; Declan calm down!'' I said patting his back. ''As you can, we have a very fertile family of ancestors so any one of us were bound to be the parents of triplets, it could of been Lindsey! But it was you, so you have to keep cool and keep in line because your going to have triple to hard work ahead of you.

''I can only try bro, I can only try but thank you anyway.'' He said, hugging me.

''It's fine, anything for my twin!'' I said, patting his back.

''How about we get you a drink, since this is your last week a 'free' man!'' He replied, pushing me aside a bit to get a drink from the bartender.

''Here, drink this.'' He urged, handing me the bright drink.''

''But it's bright yellow!''

''I know, it's apple and orange juice with a hint of rum added to it, trust me it is so nice.'' He replied.

''Erm I don't know... have you spiked it or anything?'' I asked him.



So much for not spiking my drink.

Before I knew it I was bouncing around the club like it was happy hour. My inner youth suddenly came back and I couldn't help but embrace it.

I jumped unto the counters and danced to my favorite song again. Everyone in the club began to applaud me which brought on more excitement into my body.

I looked down to a second drink, jumped down and finished it in one large gulp.

''Oh! Yeah! Oh! Yeaah!'' I kept saying, waving my hips and titling my head back on forth. My dad quickly pulled me down after realising what I was doing.

''Son! What do you think you're doing up there? Come down and let me have a stern talking with you!'' He said.

I came down and gave him a scared look, you would think a twenty - nine year old man wouldn't be scared of his father right? Wrong.

''I'm sorry da-'' He cut me off my revealing a bottle of Vodka behind his back and sprayed it all over my face.

'Very funny, dad!'' I said, trying to catch as much Vodka in my mouth as possible.

That night, I really was out of mind... and done some really crazy things.''



My dad went home at 11pm and I promised him I'd get home safe, before midnight and what did I do, pass out with Tony and Declan in the night club.

The large amount of Vodka muffled the sound of the loud music and my sight had gone all blurry. Declan and Tony were begging to wake up and said to me, 'Go home, we'll call a cab.''

I somehow managed to get home at about one-thirty am and the house was dark; Gemma was fast asleep. She told me to be back by twelve or she'll phone the police to come and find me.

I ruffled through my pockets desperately trying to find my keys when I saw the passage light turn on and someone came down the stairs.

''Robin, is that you?'' She asked, opening the front door.

''Er-yeah, it's me...'' I said, holding my head in pain.

''Robin! I was freaking worried about you! Where have you been?'' She asked me.

''I kind of... er... passed out in the club. Declan spiked my drink...'' I admitted, stumbling a few more times.

''What a... nice brother you have. Anyway, I'm happy you got home, sober or not, your home.'' She said, putting her hand on my shoulder.

Me and my drunk self jumped into Gemma's arms and she screamed as my heavy weight was put onto her.

''Oh god Robin, your so fat!'' She said, almost cradling me.

''G-Gemma. Ge -gee-mmma. I love you more than a-anything and I can't wait to m-marry you.''

''I can't wait either Robbie, but promise me one thing...''

''What is that G-gee-mmma?''

''That your sober on our wedding day, unlike tonight!'' She replied, plumping me onto the ground.


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    1. Thank you!!
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