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Generation 7, Chapter 12: I do.

The days finally came by where all of my family had to travel to Sunset Valley for our wedding.

Sunset Valley, full of memories. I was told the earliest of Cronwell's grew up here, lived their life here and died here.

Before the wedding, I actually have never been to Sunset Valley; my mum did though with my great - granddad just a year before he passed. She told me about all of our ancestors a while ago that was told to her by her grandfather, my great grandfather.

The following morning of being in Sunset Valley was our wedding. I woke up very early to try on my suit just in case any last moment problems occurred.

''Fits perfectly.'' I muttered out, staring at myself vaguely in the mirror.

No one replied, I heard a sort sound of feet tapping then it went completely silent.

''What do you guys think?'' I forced out.

''Suites you well mate, and your rocking the shoes!'' Tony said, I could somehow sense that he was grinning behind me.

''I agree with Tony, your suit fits you well.'' My dad said in his typical classy and deep voice. I turned around and smiled at them.

''You really think so guys?'' I asked both of them.

''Of course, the small grew tie was much better than mine on my wedding day.'' Tony said, grunting then quickly grinning.

''I just think it simply compliments your sense of style.'' My father said, smiling at me.

''Thanks dad'' I said, giving him a childish high five. He got up out of his seat, led me to the much larger mirror and put his hand round my neck.

''My son, looking almost like me, but much tanned and obviously much younger than me!'' He said. ''Aw dad don't say that, your not that old!'' I replied.

''Seriously Robin, I'm 52.'' He said, looking himself in the mirror up and down.

''Oh-er- maybe you are a bit old but your still look young as ever...!'' I said.

''Sure...'' He replied, winking at me.

''Look at you, a handsome young man who is marrying the women of his dreams. You have your parents, brother and sister and your best friend supporting you two today and this joyous occasion, what could be any better?''

''Having grandma and granddad here.'' I said, sighing.

''I know, your mother told me how great her parents were so I can see why your upset...'' He said, trying to console me. ''...But they're in a better place right now and I'm sure they will be looking down at you marry Gemma.'' He said, hugging me.

''Thanks dad, let's hope they are...'' I replied, looking out the window and into the bright clear blue sky.

-- Gemma's point of view--

''What do you think?'' I asked all of the girls in my dressing room.

''You look perfect Gemma!'' Paige said, I don't know if it was pure sarcasm due to her pregnancy or she actually meant it but I took it as a compliment.

''Well, thank you Paige!'' I said, grinning in the mirror at the sight of myself.

The main reason I picked this dress was because it showed off my huge tattoo on my back. I got it quite a while ago, in my rebellious teenage years. It means 'Destiny has struck' in similish and I thought picking a dress which showed it would be perfect because it would mean, in a way, my destiny has struck with Robin.

Robin's auntie and cousin, little Emily, Paige and Robin's mother accompanied me while I was getting ready for our wedding. Of course Paige helped the least because she's nine months pregnant and can barley walk without either needing to pee or sit down. She goes on and on how if Robin and I have children, while I'm pregnant, the best place for me to sit down is the floor.

''Emily?'' Paige called out.

''Ywes Auntie Pwaige?'' She said, with her somewhat almost clear speech.

''Do you think I'm fat honey?'' She asked little Emily in such a sweet tone, hoping for the best answer.

''Yes Auntie Pwaige, your a fwattie.'' She said, smiling at Paige then resuming her concentration back onto her blocks. I doubt Emily meant it since she's only two but Paige took it in quite a rude way.

''I can't wait for these babies to come out of me, the sooner the better.'' She said, while everyone laughed at what Emily said.

''You better not wish that, you might pop at our wedding!'' I said, grinning at her.

Soon after that Lindsey came strolling in with her best friend, Laura - Jayne. She asked to tag along to the wedding just a week ago and of course we let her come along! She seems really nice and her mother is great friends with Robin's mother to.

''So guys, what do you think?'' I asked everyone in the room. All the girls instantly got up and surrounded me at the huge mirrors.

''Turn around!'' Lindsey said, putting her hands on my shoulder and spinning me around really quickly.

''Stunning, absolute stunning.'' My soon-to-be mother-in-law said, I looked at her and smiled as she titled her head and looked at admired my dress.

''Aw, thank you Mrs. Cronwell, I'm glad you like it!'' I replied.

''Mrs. Cronwell! Don't be silly Gemma, call my Cassidy, or even mum!'' I said.

 It was nice to know that Mrs. Cronwell, er , I mean Cassidy thought of me as mum; Since I hardly ever see my actual mum...

''Okay...mum!'' I said to her.

''Don't you think it's about time to leave now, before these babies force their way out!'' Paige said, rubbing her huge belly. By huge, I meant HUGE. It was literally bulging like it just wanted to explode outwards. Any person in their right mind would assume that she was having multiples...

Half an hour later the clock struct twelve in the afternoon and Tony came in giving us the heads up that all the boys were ready. We then traveled to Central Park in our designated cars.

In the car ride I took in the lovely view and nature of Sunset Valley but also thought about my life, and how it was about to change, big time.

I was going to be Gemma, Gemma Cronwell. I was going to be blessed by marriage to the man of my dreams; Someday we'd be ready to have children and then we would live together, grow old together and die together.

--Robin's point of view--

Reality struck me when we got to Central Park. The reality that I was going to be a married man, a married man married to the girl of my dreams.

All of us boys got in position while we waited for Gemma and the bridesmaid to arrive. I suddenly began to sweat mainly because I was nervous but somewhat excited, to get married, to spend the rest of my life with Gemma and... to have children. I've wanted children for a while ago but Gemma and I have never debated children so I don't know what will happen once were married...

A bell suddenly rang and all the girls arrived, walking down the wide steps.

Little Emily was the first to arrive down the isle in her cute white cardigan and lace skirt. She giggled while skipping down the long isle and then running back down into her daddies legs; She's a shy little girl but everyone 'Aww'd the the sight of her smiling and giggling down the isle.

Soon after little Emily passed down the isle all the girls came down.

My eyes somehow focoused straight on Gemma.

S-She looked absolutely beautiful. Her hair glistened in the Sun and her earrings stood out very much, but not as much as her smile. Gemma's smile isn't just any old crap smile, it's her smile, her cheeky and nerdy smile; It's just perfect. She poked her head up from the ground and smiled at me, I could see she was nervous yet she seemed very excited.

''G-Gemma?'' I stuttered out.

''In the flesh.'' She replied, standing in front of me. I could smell the sense of Lavender coming from her perfect white dress. She continued to smile at me while I stood there, flabbergasted in front of her.

''Y-You look beautiful Gemma.'' I said.

''Aw, thank you! You look pretty handsome in your tuxedo too.''

''I'm so happy I'm marrying you.'' I said, calming my shocked self down and smiling at her.

''So am I, your the man of my dreams.'' She said.

''And you are the girl of my dreams...'' I replied.


The service then began.

''Declan? Rings?'' I called out. He got up and handed my the rings.

''Thanks.'' I said, turning around to him and smiling. He gave my a thumbs up which somehow gave me so much courage to go ahead with the wedding. Then it came, the vows. The hardest part of any wedding ever, the vows.


''I, Robin Alistair Cronwell, take you, Gemma Elaine Thorton , to be my lawfully wedded wife, my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.''

Personal vows...
Gemma. Your make up my light, my day and most importantly, my stupid grin! I really this next line isn't to cheesy but you seriously make up my world. I literally can not physically or even emotionally figure out my life without you so that just goes to show how much I depend on you; how much love there is inside of me fighting to get out and attack in a metaphorically way of course!'' Everyone laughed. ''Most couples have their doubts on their wedding day about marrying each other but truth be told, I have not had a single one. When Lindsey got married I wished that was you and I up there. Then, when they brought little Emily into the world..'' Emily suddenly giggled as I mentioned her name. ''...I pictures us having children, not just one, but many many children to both of us to love and bring up into this wonderful world. Okay what I'm trying to say that I love you Gemma, I love everything about you and I want to keep everything about you, mainly you, forever.''

''I, Gemma Elaine Thorton, take you, Robin Alistair Cronwell, to be my lawfully wedded husband, my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.''

''Your grin. That is what sets it all off for me, seeing you odd grin in my face every morning. The very first time I met you in the I wanted to be with you, it was simply love at first sight. Then when we came boyfriend and girlfriend are relationship kind of paused because of the alarming search for Declan. When we found him everyone sighed a relief, but mostly me because I knew we could get back on track with our relationship. Two years later, here we are, under a wedding arch, coming together in marriage  What a journey we have been on, am I right? Honest opinion, your a goofy geeky red-head, but your my goofy geeky red-head.''

''By the power vested in myself and Sunset Valley City Hall/ Twinbrook City Hall I pronounce you husband, and wife. You may now kiss the bride.''

As we kissed everyone erupted into a huge applause and a few tears from my mother. Everyone cheered and motivated us while we sealed our marriage with a kiss.

''I can't believe it, were married!'' Gemma shouted out, pulling me in for a massive hug.

''Me either! We done it, were married!'' I replied.

''So what now, Mrs. Cronwell?'' I asked, winking at her.

''Well Mr. Cronwell, I suggest we go and cut the wedding cake!''

As we turned around to walk down with each other our family and friends threw white confetti as a traditional thing. We looked to our left and right to see row after row smiling and crying tears of joy at the sight of us marrying.

First, we looked to our left and saw Lindsey, Tony and little Emily together in a row, smiling and cheering us on.

''Hopefully that'll be us one day Gemma...'' I said to her, pointing at the trio.

''Of course, but with more children, as you said..'' She replied.

''So you agree, we will have children?'' I asked her.

''Of course! I've always wanted children, one, two, three, four or even five.'' She said. I've always wanted children, in Secondary School while everyone else was goofing around, I was planning my future. I planned what I wanted to be, where I wanted to live and who I wanted to marry and how many children I wanted. Everything up to having children has happened perfectly so I, I mean we, just hope we are able to conceive and care for our own children.

To my right I saw my mother and brother. My mother just kept on pouring and pouring out tears, seeing her son get married.

Then there is my brother, expecting triplets with his girlfriend. I can see them becoming really good parents considering their relationship a few years earlier...

Soon after we both cut the cake together. Everyone cheered us on again while we dished out cake to everyone.

As the evening went on, everyone calmed down. After we all ate our meals we sat down to talk and catch up with everyone. Paige kept on waddling around the place because of apparently wasn't comfortable sitting down. Declan decided to take her back to the hotel because she started to get cramps.

''Congratulation Robbin, I knew you would find your perfect girl and I wish you eternal happiness with her.'' My father said to me, letting out a stiff smile at Gemma and I.

Then my mother got up and pulled me in for a 'mummy' hug.

''I'm so proud of you Robbie, marrying the true girl of your dreams! I hope you and Gemma live happily ever after like myself and your father and bless us with many children!'' She said.

''Grandchildren? Of course mum, Gemma and I had a little talk today and we plan and having much more than one child...'' I replied.

''It's about time! Remember one thing Robbie, I am so proud of you and again, I hope you live happily ever after with Gemma.'' ''One more thing son, I want you to do something for me...''

''What's that mum?'' I asked.

''Go to your honeymoon as soon as possible, don't worry about everyone getting back to Twinbrook safely, your father and I will deal with that.''

''Oh alright mum, thanks.'' I said, hugging her one more time.


''Guess what Gemma?'' 

''What Robin?'' She replied.

''Were married!'' I said, turning to her and imprinting my hand in the cool sand beneath us.

''Yes, yes we are. I really believed I'm married! I'm Mrs. Cronwell!'' She said, turning also to kiss me. Our heads rubbed in the cool sand.

''Now Mrs. Cronwell, care to dance?'' I asked her.

''Why yes, I would.'' She replied. I got up of the sand and pulled her up.

The lighthouse shone on us every twenty-five seconds as we slow danced across the beach. We let the flow go through us while I held her gently, supporting both of her arms. She titled her head back to rest on my shoulder and I stood up a bit more and kissed her on her forehead.

''At last... I've married the girl of my dreams.''


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Song: 'At Last' by Eta James.

Lindsey's best friend: Laura - Jayne (Generation 2 Heiress of 'A life not so ordinary) 
-[[CLICK FOR LINK]]- (Created by Hailey/Dawn Turner)

Poses by foreverhailey (on blogger) & nigalkins (on tumblr)

[[I forgot to mention this but a while ago Alex died, followed soon my the Generation 5 heiress, Jade Cronwell. ;_; They'll be long missed by their daughter and son, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.]]


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