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Generation 7, Chapter 16 : It's time to face reality... I'm a father now.

I was almost a hundred percent sure every single woman on this ward heard Gemma's agonizing screams while she held her belly in pain.

A doctor and midwifes also accompanied us throughout Gemma's labour. It was understood that she was so restless like this because obviously she has never been pregnant but she was apparently much more restless than a first-time mother.

''Gemma, just try and push one more time!'' I urged her, not knowing what she was about to do...

She flipped out at me, completely like I've never seen before. ''Robin, shut up! Don't you bloody think I'm trying to push this damn baby out!?'' She said angrily, before another contraption shot through her. ''AHHH''

''I'm sorry G-.'' I said, before she said something.

''Can you just lave for a minute, I need space.'' She replied to me, with a urging look on her face for me to leave. I never said nothing else, instead a just walked out and close the door.

''She kicked you out didn't she?'' My mother asked me. It was weird that she knew that.

''How'd you know?'' I said, sighing.

''I threw your father out when I was in labour with you and your brother, pushing out both of you was the hardest thing in my life so I know how she feels; Robin, just give her time, she'll call you back any minute now...''

''Dear lord... and here's me considering having another baby...'' Lindsey muttered under breath.

''Oh no, darling! That's only for first time mothers, but just twice the pain for me because I popped out your fat older twin brothers!'' My mum replied.

''Mum!'' I said, frowning at her.

''You're right, they were fat babies...'' She said, quickly grinning at me. ''...I know but this family is rather fertile is you know what I mean. Delcan had triplets, you had twins and I bet all my saving on that Gemma and Robin will have twins. What if I have Twins? Could I cope?'' Lindsey said, worryingly.

''Of course you could honey, you're a Cronwell!'' My mum said, pulling Lindsey in for a warm mummy hug.

''ROBIN!!!'' Gemma screamed out from her room. I quickly jumped up off of my chair and looked worrying at my mother.

''I told you she would call you back...!'' My mum said, smudging me to go back into the room. ''...Now get your fat ass back in that room, quickly!!'' Lindsey added, literary pushing me through the hallway. I then ran straight into the room to see Gemma gripping her belly in pure pain.

As I sat down the doctor began to spoke. ''Okay, Mrs. Cronwell, we're going to need you to give us five extremely strong pushes in order for your baby to be born.''

''Okay, I'll try.'' She replied.

''Okay first Mrs. Cronwell make sure you take deep breath, in and out, in-.'' The midwife was talking when Gemma interrupted one more time.

''I'm trying, AHHHH! It's hurts so much!!'' Gemma said, ; launching her head backwards, taking the pain in a very sad and sympathetic way.

It was obvious that I couldn't experience the same pain and and terror Gmma though this pregnancy but as a good father-to-be, all I could do was let her squeeze my hand so hard up to the point when I couldn't feel it anymore.

''Gemma? Gemma you've done it!  You gave birth to a healthy baby boy!'' The midwife chanted as she went drousy because of all of the or stress on the pregnancy.

''I-I done it...?'' She replied.

''Yes, Gem, you done it, you gave birth to our boy!'' I said, cradling my little son in my hands as he began to fall asleep.

''Can I see him?'' She asked.

''Of course you can!'' I said, slowly and delicately handing him to his mother. Gemma held him, looked up and smiled at me pure joy.

''All this pain, morning sickness and labour was worth it Robin ,we're defiantly having five children.'' I grinned at her in delight knowing that she was positive she wanted to have five children with me.


''Hello baby boy, I'm your daddy! Your mummy is over there sleeping. I just wanted to let you know that you and your future four siblings will all be loved my your mum and I. We'll protect you, cherish you and care for you because your ours.'' I said to him, lifting his tiny body into the air; he giggled and soon after fell asleep.

Two days later Gemma was discharged and we took our baby back to our house. Our baby, Ceallach Eli Cronwell. But for short, Cel.

''Goodnight my little one, may you sleep in peace and not wake your father and I up but if you do it's okay, because we love you, Ceallach.''


Six months flew past and coping with a child in such a big house got slightly easier everyday, mostly because Ceallach was growing and developing so quickly. Winter jumped back on us and Gemma and I were both hesitant to take Cel into the cold.

''Here you go Cel, drink up.'' I cooed to Cel while feeding him his Luke warm bottle fulled with milk. Gemma did breast-feed him occasionally but we decided to feed him formula milk more often.

Occasionally Cel would scream the house down, more frequently when he had a dirty nappy because we noticed him sitting in a dirty nappy for even a minute made him extremely uncomfortable which is most likely why he is always crying because of that.

What I noticed when I looked after Cel was that he took pleasure in the smallest of things. For example, just seeing rain falling through the window made him giggle and wonder what it was. I told my mother about this and she said it suggested he could analyse things very easily, even at such a little age...


''Gemma? Are you in here?'' I whispered into Cel's rooms, just in case he was sleeping.

''Yeah I am, don't worry about any noise Cel is wide awake!" Gemma said, laughing at Cel's adorable giggling.

''Oh, alright.'' I said while opening the stair gate to his door. Although he couldn't even walk I still put it up for precautionary reasons.

''How are you, darling?'' I asked, Gemma.

''Who, me or Cel?'' She replied, winking at me.

''Gemma, I'm not going to call Cel 'darling'!'' I replied, tapping on her head as a joke.

''Oi you, it could be a simple mistake! But anyway, I am fine thanks, just trying to get Cel to sleep but he is persistent to stay awake...'' She said, sighing.

''Is that right, little man?'' I asked him, obviously not looking for an answer back. ''Right, I have a solution. Let's both cradle him at his cot and he'll be bound to fall asleep in our arms sooner or later.'' I suggested.

''It's a plan, might as well try it.'' She sighing as she got up with the gurgling Cel in her hands.

''I told you it worked.'' I whispered into Gemma's ear as Cel finally fell asleep.

''It did, thank to your cunning plan!'' She whispered back.

''Oh indeed...'' I said, winking at her. ''...We better put him in his crib now then.'' Gemma said.

''Goodnight little man, love you.'' We both said together, then putting him down for his rest.

''For you!'' I said once we left Cel's nursery. I shoved a bunch of flower in Gemma's face as she came strolling out.

''Aww, you shouldn't have!'' Gemma said.

''Yes I should of, it's our two year anniversary today...'' I reminded her; I knew she forgot but I wasn't mad because she had a LOT on her mind.

''Oh my sweet lord, I completely forgot, I am so so sorry Robin I re-.'' I stopped her from saying sorry again as she didn't need to.

''It doesn't matter Gemma, you have so much on your mind right now, it is totally fine!'' I replied, smiling at her as she smelt the flowers.

''I feel so bad, I never got you nothing... Wait! I planned something for all of us today that can be anniversary present, but it involves Cel too.''

''Oh well, the more the merrier!'' I replied. ''Well okay then, go wake up Cel again and make your way down to the basement, in fact, put some formalish clothes on...'' I literary had no idea what Gemma was up to but I jut went along with it.

''Say, Happy-Two-Years-Anniversary!'' The photographer said.

So the surprise was our first family portrait since Ceallach was born. It was perfect; everything was and still is perfect. Thanks to my Gemma, Ceallach and My parents and siblings... and God of course.

''It's perfect.'' Gemma said.

''Just like our family.'' I said, putting my arm around her neck while I tickled Ceallach.


You pronounce Ceallach like this (or at least this is how I pronounce it): Ka-Lea-ack.

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  1. AHHHHH, I still really like robin with that hair.... UGFIUSGUYSGFUYAGF, ok *calms down*
    This was such a cute chapter, I loved how everyone at the start was calling Robin a fat ass, that was cute and harlious
    Great chapter as always
    xoxo Aideybabes

    1. Ooooh, I guess I'll keep him with that hair, for now :D
      Thank you Aiden, it was funny, but true. Robin & Declan were fat babies ;) Haha I'm glad it made you laugh!

      Thanks for reading, mate!

  2. how did you change that blaket the baby is always wrapped in?
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    1. Oh I downloaded some non-default blanket replacements and changed then via Nraas Master Controller :)

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    2. i will send it right now

  3. I loved the picture at the end of the family before and after :) And I liked the baby's name Kurtis is very nice as the family has grown and I hope it stays that way until the end.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :3 Aww, you're to kind :D Don't worry, nothing bad will rise upon them , for now. Plus, let's just say, Ceallach will not be an only child... ;)

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  4. Baby cel is adorable :) great chapter kurtis. And he is adorable as a toddler too!

    1. Thank you, Annika! He is :3 Thanks for commenting! :D

  5. Awww! Baby Cel is so cute! I love how your showed the birthing process. It was very entertaining to read. :D

    1. Thank you! :D He is :) Aww,Haha thank you a few people commented on Gemma and Robin's conversation while she was in labour, I'm glad it entertained you! :D Thanks for reading!


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