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Generation 7, Chapter 17 : Good changes; Bad changes; Horrendous accidents.

Eleven months slowly passed by Twinbrook and fatherhood for me slowly started to kick in. I thanked the lord that Gemma has a smooth pregnancy and we created a perfect baby boy. Of course with Ceallach being our first born, we spoiled him like crazy but he was a content baby. Yes, he cried quite a lot but when he was satisfied he was just an angel.

His birthday soon came along and all of my family and friends, plus Gemma's dad joined us for a celebration.

As I though of that, the thought that Gemma has never told me about her mum crossed my mind. Did they have a fight or something? ...Or is she dead? Wait, that can't be right, her father and her are still married so...they probably just don't get along or something like that.

''Happy Birthday little man! I hope you have many more to celebrate!'' I said, smiling at the sight of Ceallach's adorable face being lit up by the candle. I made as much noise I could and done nothing but look at my little man grow up.

As he grew much more he developed in a peculiar way, both physically and emotionally. He received Gemma's bright blue eyes and most of her facial features, right up to her nose shape but what did surprise both of us was that he inherited black hair! At first Gemma told me her mother'd hair is black but she died it black so that's not her original hair colour. So we were both puzzled so I looked for some expert help, my mother. She knew so much about our ancestors and she probably knew if any of them had black hair.

Once she saw Ceallach's hair colour she went into our family home kitchen and took out a photo from a rather special looking box. She handed it to me and smiled and told me who this guy was.

''This is Carter Cronwell, your great great great great grandfather and Ceallach's great great great great great grandfather. He had the exact same hair colours as Ceallach has so I'm one-hundred percent sure he inherited his hair from him.'' 

When my mother told me this I was surprised, to think my son inherited features from his ancestors  four five generations back! 

''La da da da la!'' Ceallach sang while playing his newly brought xylophone.

It was about seven in the evening and Ceallach was occupying himself in his nursery. We though it was he'd be sleepy but he obviously wasn't.

We just stood there observing him for a second until I tripped on the stair gate and he turned around quickly.

''Dadda; Mamma!'' He shouted, crawling with a smile towards us.

''Let's just sit here and wait until he sleeps, we might as well as he's obviously having fun.'' Gemma suggested.

Ceallach could not yet but you could clearly see he was having fun! ''La da da da da la!'' Ceallach song out, smashing the drum sticks onto the xylophone.

''Looks like we have a singer on our hands, am I right?'' I said, winking at Gemma.

''We sure do! But let's just hope he doesn't turn into someone like Lil Wayne!'' Gemma said, laughing her head off. I couldn't help but laugh either because I am not much off a fan off 'Lil Wayne'. In fact, I don't like his music at all to be honest.

Sorry if that offened any 'Lil' Wayne fans.

''That's right, you hit those right notes little man!'' I said to Ceallach, applauding his music. Gemma yawned and then lookeed back at Ceallach, she seemed tired.

''Alright, Little man....'' Gemma picked Ceallach up and surprisingly, he didn't moan or anything. ''...Time for bed!'' He soon fell asleep on Gemma's shoulder after I caned his toys up.

I kissed Gemma and we sat beside his crib, Ceallach sprawled out alonf Gemma's tummy, snoring away. We laughed and I ruffled his long and thick hair.

''We really do have the perfect family, don't we?'' Gemma looked up at me and asked.

''Of course we do! But you know what would make it even better...?'' I hinted at Gemma, kissing her forehead.

''Oh I know what your hinting at, more children. Isn't it a bit...soon?'' She asked.

''I don't think so, I mean, he is one already. People get pregnant normally at this time once their first child is one...'' I replied.

''But he has Emily, Lucas, Marcus and Gabriel to keep him company, do you really think he needs a baby brother or sister?'' She asked once again.

''Yes, but only if you want to of course. We're already blessed with Ceallach so I honestly wouldn't mind waiting if you wanted to. I though thought, you know, since we're both on our thirties we better get a move on.'' I suggested.

''Well honestly, I think we should wait another year or so, just for things to settle a bit before we start trying again.'' As she said that, I heard her choke a little, almost as if she was keeping vomit down... I wonder what from...

''That seems reasonable! Anyway, we better get Mr. Musicain into his crib.'' I picked him up gently off of Gemma's belly and she suddenly walked very fast out of the room.

''Dadda?'' Ceallach asked, half asleep as I settled him in for bed.

''Yeah it's Dadda, just putting you to bed.'' I replied, kissing his forehead and lifting up the safety rail.

''Goodnight little man; Sweet dreams.''

''Bwye Bwye Dadda.''


Later that evening, I found Gemma in the dining room, all alone in the cold, day dreaming. She seemed bewildered or something...

''You alright, honey?'' I asked, worryingly.

''I guess so. I just took a pregnancy test....'' She confessed. I suddenly thought, what? We haven't had unprotected Sex for months, although Gemma wasn't on the pill.

I couldn't think of a lengthy response so I just replied, ''And...?''

''Robin, I'm pregnant, again.'' She said, sighing and resting her head on the table. She didn't seem to happy about it, either that or she wasn't up for the horrendous morning sickness again.

''You're what!? Yes, yes yes yes yes YES! I can't believe we're having another baby, so soon!'' I replied, literary jumping for joy.

''Well Robbie you better believe it because your going to be a daddy, again...''


''Ceallach? Do you know mummy's pregnant? You're going to have a little baby brother or sister! It's time for change!'' I said in a happy tone to Ceallach. He giggled and grinned at me.

''Yay! Bwaby Brudda please!'' He asked.

''Well little man, we can't decide which on one we'll have, but we can only hope for one!'' I replied to him, cuddling him.

Things certainly changed.
Soon after we found out that Gemma was pregnant my mum called me up, she had something to tell me. I asked if I could my news to her first and I did, she was overjoyed to be expecting another grandchild! Then she told me the news.

My mother and father both receive extremely high paid and exclusive jobs in the military and politics career and they took it... however they were both based in the heart of St. Claire... She asked us if we would like to move there with them, at first I didn't agree to it because I was born in Starlight Shores, raised in Twinbrook and now she was proposing to move town once again but then I changed my mind. I changed my mind mainly because my Lindsey and Tony agreed to move, Declan and Paige agreed to move and my mum persuaded my uncle (her brother) to also move with us. Over the next month or so we all sold our houses, packed up all of our stuff and we actually ranted about fifteen moving vans. Mother had managed to sort out all of our affairs, new houses, job transfers, banks and much more.

The only thing that was stopping us all going was the fact that we were to miss Twinbrook. As I locked up the house I took one last look at it and hugged Gemma and Ceallach.

''I'm going to miss this town, although if forever stank of sewage, we did have some good times here...'' My muum and the rest of the family soon showed up at our house and we all got Taxi's to airport.


St. Claire had to be the most diverse town ever. It had aspects of Bridgeport, Twinbrook, Sunset Valley and Hidden Springs all jammed packed into it. Uptown was the big city where all of our jobs are located, opposite Uptown is the countryside were all the horse ranches and beaches are located and finally just beside Uptown is Clyde Hill, where all of us moved to. Clyde Hill is an average neighborhood with classy and spacious houses.

The things that took us by complete shock was that our house back in Twinbrook was also built in Clyde Hill, St. Claire. Mother especially purchased it for us and it was exactly like our old one.

''Oh my god, Robin, it's exactly the same as our old house!'' Gemma pointed out.

''I know! I guess they built a replica in this city too!'' I replied, look to see if the house was any different to our old one.

''Do you like the new house, Cel?'' Gemma asked Ceallach, who was comfortably sitting on my shoulders.

''It nice mamma!'' He tried to say but instead just grinned at her. She let out a small laugh and we all ventured inside.

We left Ceallach to play in his semi-furnished nursery while Gemma suddenly pulled in for an embrace.

'''I''m so happy we moved, not to be rude or anything but Twinbrook stunk like hell!'' Gemma said, laughing.

''It's okay, I agree with you on that one! And you no what else is good?'' 

''What Mr. Cronwell...?''

''That Mrs. Cronwell in front of me, Ceallach and our unborn child are having the best time of our lives.'' I replied, kissing her.

''Well, isn't that good then!''

As Ceallach grew even more he seemed to venture around the house even more. From hand stands in the kitchen to hide and seek in the living he never stopped to take a break! 

''Dadda lwook!'' He said, doing a handstand on the carpet, before falling down soon after.

''Be careful Ceallach, we don't want any broken bones today!'' I said, grinning at his adorable smile.

Later on that evening I took the chance to teach him a few basic words to start him off.

''Okay, Ceallach, can you say... Mother?'' ''Mwother!'' He gurgled back.'' ''Not quite that, M-o-ther?''

''Mother!'' He got it right, I applauded him and we carried on.

''Can you say, Sister?'' I asked.

''Sissy!'' He replied, weirdly winking at me.

''Eh, close enough!'' I said.


''Yes little man?''

''When's mama gonna have the baby?''

''In six months time Ceallach!'' I answered, picking him up for a hug.

''Okay dadda!''

-- Four months later; Gemma is seven months pregnant.--

Gemma luckily didn't experience too much morning sickness but boy did she become huge! She was much bigger than she was with Ceallach at this time which surprised me. Because of us being in a new town we sort of shaded off and stayed at home until on day when Gemma randomly decided we should go to the park for a family outing.

''Honey, why don't you come and read this with us...!'' I said. ''...Yeah mama! Read with us!'' Ceallach then added.

''Just a minute boys, I'm researching some maternity related stuff!'' She replied, fixating her eyes on the computer screen.

''You don't know what your missing Gemma!'' I said, looking at her and started to read with Ceallach.

''Well I'm not missing a baby, that's for sure!'' She said, grinning down at her baby bump.

''Oh Gemma, you're not fat!''

''I know I'm not; I'm a damn whale!''

''Whatever you say...''

We decided to keep the gender of the baby a surprise until it arrives.

After an hour of reading Ceallach got a bit restless so we stopped. Suddenly the sun came out and Gemma had an idea.

''Hey, since it's sunny, why don't we let Ceallach play inside the water fountain for a while?'' Gemma suggested.

''I guess he could, but what if he slips or something?'' I asked in a concerning tone.

''Plus, I don't wanna be naked!'' Ceallach said, covering his eyes and hung onto Gemma's leg.

''Don't worry Cel, I slipped in some swimming trunks in the bag! You're all set!'' He looked up at his mum and came running to me.

''Can I dadda, please!?'' He begged me.

''Sure, why not!''

''Don't drop him Robin!'' Gemma instructed.

''Of course I won't!'' ''Ready little man?'' I asked Ceallach.

''Yeah dadda!'' I gently put him in the warm fountain and held him until he was standing upright. He soon plunked himself on his butt and splashed pure water everywhere!

''Dadda, Dadda, look! I'm a airplane!'' He shouted out while running inside the fountain making airplane noises. Gemma giggled and took a picture to remember that day.


Gemma's due date came speeding up on us and I took the little time left to re-read some books on fatherhood. In this society to be honest most dad's are deadbeat, they either abandon their children and keep well away out of their lives, or just be that typical crappy father. My father was there for me and raised me to be a gentleman, and I hope to raise Ceallach and our unborn child with those same prospects.

Gemma said she has a feeling Ceallach is going to leave a trail of hearts but I honestly don't think so, or at least we'll try and change him.

It was about time Ceallach was to be taught how to walk and I took advantage of that on a sunny day. Gemma however was nine months pregnant and literary good barely stand up for a minute so I took over the role is teaching him how to walk.

''Come to dadda!'' I said, letting him go to see if he would be able to walk on his own. Gemma suddenly got up (I really don't know how she did it) and crouched behind Ceallach.

''Or come to mama!'' She said, grinning at me to see if he'd come to me.

''That's my little man!'' I said, tossing him in the air before he giggled like an adorable little toddler.

''Dadda, can I tell you something?'' He asked me later that day.

''Of course Ceallach, what do you want to tell me?'' He then put his small hands on my hair and pulled me close.

''I heard mama talking to Auntie Lindsey and she said she loves you soooo much.'' He whispered to me. He then push my forehead up for me to look at him.

''Oh is that so?'' I asked him.

''Yes dadda! I just told you!'' He frowned at me before I grinned at him again.

''Well, tell mama that I love her very much too, give her and your little brother and sister is little kiss for me too!'' I said, putting him down and helping him up the stairs to go to her.


Once Gemma put Ceallach to bed she came in all disorientated and said she had stomach pains.

''You alright Gemma?...'' I asked, closing the cupboard doors. ''...Are you in labour?'' I asked again, worryingly.

''No, I'm not Robin. I'm fine.'' She replied, holding her head like she was about to collapse.

''Are you sure becau-.'' She suddennly cut me off.

''Robin. I am fine, I just need some sleep, however I feel I'm going to pop tomorrow...'' She said, giving me the 'worrying' eyes.

''Well, that is good right, then you will finally stop calling yourself a whale and embrace your beauty.'' I said, winking at her.

''Oh stop it Robin, you're to flattering!'' She said, smiling at me before crawling in bed.

''Night, love.'' I said. There was no answer, she was already asleep. I kissed her forehead and turned off the bedroom light.


Once again I woke up next morning to hear the scream of Ceallach. I turned around but Gemma was nowhere to be seen. I got up and slipped into my slippers, went into the nursery and picked up Ceallach. She wasn't in there either. I suddenly started to worry as to where my nine month pregnant wife was so I set Ceallach in his high chair and quickly went downstairs.

''Gemma, you down h-.?'' I stopped in my tracks and looked in horror. Every single hair on my hairy body stood straight as I was in complete shock.

I slowly stepped down the stairs to see Gemma on the floor.

Face forward.


Lying in a pool of red ripe blood.

---; _ ;---

I'm sorry. That is all I have to say.

Thank you for reading Chapter 17 of The Cronwell Legacy.

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