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Generation 8, Chapter 4 : This kiss.

University was quickly coming to a close and honestly, I was so excited to leave! Mainly because I knew I was going to graduate with good grades and be able to leave the campus with a grin on my face.

Janet on the other hand was up to her knees in Coursework! Through the past weeks she had been flicking through coursework, regretting not doing it when she received it, just like I told her that she would.

''Slow down, Stella!'' Janet called out to me, a few metres behind me.

''Can't you keep up with me, fattie?'' I quickly turned around to grin and her and carried on running towards the Fine Arts block.


After class Janet and I watched a movie in the dorm Recreation room. ''Hey, shouldn't you be studying?'' I asked Janet, crunching the popcorn left in my mouth.

''Yes I should, but I won't, because I don't need too!'' She replied, grinning at the TV like she wasn't scared of the movie.

''You keep saying that Janet, right up to when you fail!'' I replied quietly. Minuets of silence passed with our eyes glued to the television screen.

''Oh shit, he chopped his head clear off!'' Janet screamed out, jumping violently off the sofa.

''Calm down! It wasn't that scary!'' I replied back, still in shock from her jump off the sofa. She looks at me for a second and we both busted into laughter.

''So.... what's the deal with you and lover boy over there?'' Janet asked me, pointing into the Study where Andrew was studying in.

''No know what, I don't even know myself. One minuet he's flirting and following me, the next he's ignoring me and giving me dirty looks! He's really sending me mixed signals and it's very frustrating..'' I replied to Janet question, sighing at the same time.

''You know what you need to do; you need to text him!'' Janet suggested.

''Well, I guess I could... but-.'' Before I could even think of a reason not to text him, Janet butted in.

''Not but's, you're going to text him, right now!'' She said, very persuasively.

''Oh fine, but if this goes wrong you'll be the first to blame!'' I said to her, pulling my phone out of my pocket.

''Stella darling, it will certainly not fail.'' She said in a posh tone, grinning at me as she took the last bits of my popcorn.

''Hey Andrew, fancy going bowling tonight?'' - Stella.

''Yeah, sure! Meet you there in an hour or so?'' - Andrew replied, very quickly.

''Yeah that's perfect, see you soon. x'' - I replied. ''He agreed Janet!'' I said to her with pure excitement.

''I told you he would, see, you should always listen to my advice!'' Janet suggested.

''Hmm... maybe I should, but I won't!'' I replied to her, winking as I dashed upstairs to get changed.


An hour or so I met up with Andrew at the bowlarama' and things took off really well and really quickly.

''Strike!'' I said after swinging the ball across the land with all force, quickly seeing it knock all pins to the ground.

''Wow, you're pretty good at this!'' Andrew admitted, winking at me.

''Why yes I am, now let's see how good you're at it, lover boy.'' I replied; he quickly replied to me with a simple smirk and approached the lane.

''Three pins, are you serious!?'' Andrew said angrily, after swinging the ball similarly with full force, but not enough get a strike. I couldn't help but laugh a bit which made him turn around and give me a slight dirty look.

''What! It's funny!'' I said, breaking the silence and diverting Andrew's evil glares off of myself.

''Maybe I should of mentioned that Bowling wasn't my favourite activity...'' He said awkwardly, rubbing his Mahican.

''That would of been nice to know! Hey I've got an idea.... Follow me!'' I said to Andrew, walking towards the steps heading upstairs.

''Wait, where are we going?'' He asked me.

''You'll see just follow me...'' I shouted back slightly, by now I was way ahead of him.

''I like to come up here once or twice in a week to study, hardly anyone ever comes up here and you can see the Sunset over the horizon.'' I said to Andrew, hearing him come up the stairs to the terrace.

''You're right, there is a really nice view up here.'' He replied faintly, looking past the buildings and setting his eyes on the beach.

''So, what made you bring me up to you secret hideout?'' He said, flirtatiously.

''I don't have a clue, I guess someone as good looking as you would appreciate such a view like this...''

''Oh I'm appreciating it.... however I'm not appreciating the view, it's you I'm appreciating...'' He replied. He suddenly became much more alluring and I couldn't help but smirk flirtatiously at him.

''Well Andrew-.'' He cut me off before I could finish my sentence... With a kiss.

The kiss lasted for about seven seconds and he pulled away with a sexy smirk on his face.

''Well Andrew... you're a might good kisser...''



We all knew that kiss from brewing for a loooooooooooong time!

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I thought I'd post this if anyone's curious.... Has anyone noticed that my legacy's URL reads 'thecronwelllegacychap1' instead of 'thecronwelllegacy'?

You have, I thought so. Well the reason takes me back two years ago, when I was 12 xD Basically I thought I had to make a URL for each Chapter when I was about to post Chapter One so that's why it's says 'thecronwelllegacychap1' xD

Also, I haven't bothered to change to avoid confusion.

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Generation 8, Chapter 3 : TRUTH, Dare, KISS or Swear....

Half of our term in University had already flown by and I began to really excel in school. I was at the top of my Fine Arts classes and had already completed all of my course work weeks before the due date! I know, that sounds really geeky but honestly I just wanted to get it done; Contrary to popular belief, University isn't THAT fun, or maybe that's what I think....

''Don't you ever stop painting Stella?'' Janet asked me, biting her newly - painted fingernails in boredom.

''The question is, do you ever actually do your coursework?'' I returned the question to her, looking back quickly to smirk with her. She giggled and relaxed even more into the comfy couch.

''Honey, the coursework isn't due for another five weeks! I have plenty of time!'' She replied back, spitting her nail clean in the bin. I cringed and put my pallet unto her bed.

''You say that now but when the last week of University comes along and you have a freaking stack of coursework to complete, you'll regret that!'' I said, prancing out of the room as she looked at me with shock, not long before she got a packet of crisps from the cupboard.

On the way to class that very day I saw Andrew, said 'Hi' to him, yet he never replied. He just looked awkwardly at me and quickly hopped on to his bike. I didn't have the slightest clue as to why but it actually made me... Upset, but for what?

I had no idea.

I carried on drifting threw the silent street as the sun rose from out the Mountains, thinking about nothing more than Andrew.



Andrew. His name just kept on popping up in my head, thinking about his sexy grey eyes, his lush blondish hair and most of all, his ripped body.

All of this fantasizing, if I would even call it that, made me late for my Fine Arts Lecture!

''Sorry I'm late Mrs. Disik!'' I yelled out, bursting through the large doors of the Lecture Hall, finding everyone looking at me.

Mrs. Disik jumped and quickly turned from her board and looked at me, up and down.

''Yes yes, now sit down Ms. Cronwell.'' She said bluntly.

''Yes Ma'm.'' I quickly replied, hurrying to my seat next to Janet.

She chuckled as I quickly sat down and I gave her a deadly look. ''Dreaming about Andrew again are?'' She asked me, winking.

''How'd you know!?'' I also asked her, questioning her assumption.

''Stella you're my best friend, I know you like the back of my hand!'' She replied back, pulling out her book from her bag.

''I guess so... But I can't stop thinking about him.'' I revealed, scratching my head in confusion.

''Stella's I-I think you're in L-.''

I cut her off before she could say that word. I wasn't at all sure at that time that I was in 'Love' with Andrew, I thought of it as a meaningless crush but as I kept on daydreaming about him, Janet's theory was becoming true.

''Okay, deny it how much you want... but you know it's true!'' Janet said one last time, smirking at her book.

Two hours passed, Janet fell asleep, woke up and coincidentally she woke up right before the bell rang.

''Thank god!'' She said, rubbing her eyes as she slumped out of her seat. ''It's about time this bloody lesson finished!''

''Well you shouldn't be complaining, you were fast asleep whereas I was hard at work!'' I shouted at her, waking her up only slightly.

''Girl, stop shouting! I just woke up!'' Janet said faintly, stretching at the same time.

''I love you Janet so much but seriously, you have the blood nerve!'' I muttered, not completely quietly so Janet could hear what I had said.

''Hey, I heard that!'' She replied.

''I meant for you too!'' I also replied on the way out of the door. My suddenly beeped in m pocket andthe little message jingle started playing.

''Hey Stella, can you meet me up at The Point... I have something to tell you?'' - The text read, from Ceallach. At first I was worried but then I thought it was just something about his classes.

''Yeah, sure Cel, be there in 5.'' - I replied.

It wasn't long before I got up to The Point and weirdly, I find Ceallach standing still in his tracks, looking beyond the University landscape.

''You alright Cel?'' I asked him, slowly putting my bag down and approaching.

''A little worried but other than that, fine I guess...'' He replied.

''Oh well that's good, so what's the big news then!?'' I curiously asked him.

''I wouldn't call it big news but you deserve to know...'' He took a deep breath and sighed slightly. I clearly noticed the hairs on his arms stand up straight and he began to sweat slightly.

''I-I-I think I'm Bisexual...''

I honestly had no words to reply with.

 I was literally in complete shock...

I mean, I never would of guessed my own brother liked boys too, he did show some signs like the fact that he had never had a girlfriend but I just though he was a bit of a geek... not Bisexual.

''W-What do you mean you're Bisexual? When? How? And who?!'' I continued to spit out question after question at him, demanding the truth.

''I started to realise that I was when we started University, as I couldn't stop thinking about this boy...'' He said.

''Which boy!?''

''Well.... er - Andrew...'' He replied. Andrew, Andrew Thompson, the same exact guy I STILL can't stop thinking about; My own brother is attracted to the same guy as me!

''Ceallach you can not be bloody serious! Andrew! You clearly know I like him!'' I shouted out at him.

''Actually, no I don't! You said it's just a meaningless crush!'' He replied back with full force.

''Yes, but...''

''Oh you know what, forget it, like who you want to fucking like, like I care...'' I suddenly spat out, secretly regretting every word which came out of my mouth. Instead of apologizing I just picked up my bag and headed for my bike.

I heard him sigh again as I rode away.

-- Ceallach's Point Of View --

By now my own sister probably hated me because of my sexuality and from then on I honestly thought I had nothing else to loose... That's where Andrew came into things.

''You alright mate?'' He asked me, surprisingly studying on his bed.

''Yeah I'm alright I guess, Can I-I show you something...?'' I asked him, hoping he would get up off of his bed.

''Yeah sure...'' He said, putting his work book on his side table and approaching me.

My heart suddenly began to beat so heavily and I sweated with nervousness, slowly and slightly walking up to Andrew and quickly pulling him in for a kiss.

I took the chance I had... I kissed him.

Andrew chocked and pushed me off of him and I went flying, back - first into the wall.

''What the fuck is wrong with you!? I'm straight for fuck sake!'' Andrew shouted out at me. His face lit up in red and not the 'blushing' type of red, the' anger' type of red.

''I - I'm sorry...'' I sad quietly, tilting my head to the ground.

''Just leave it yeah and don't you ever fucking try that on me again!'' He replied, storming out of the room with his study book. As he bolted out of the room Stella popped her head in to see me lying on my bed, almost in tears.
-- Stella's Point Of View --

''Cel... Are you okay?'' I asked him.

''Like you care!'' He replied, turning his head to the other side of the room.

''Listen, Cel, I'm so sorry about what I said earlier; it was just such a shock to hear that you're Bisexual. I mean, I have nothing against you or anything, you're my brother and I love you so much! Please just forgive me Cel... and you can have Andrew if you like...'' I said, trying my best to apoligise to him.

''Listen Stella, it's okay! Andrew doesn't even like me anyway... I - I kissed him and he's clearly straight... he's all yours Stella! It's going to take some time to get over him but I will, in due time.'' Ceallach said, surprisingly almost happy for himself and myself too. I guess he realised that not all guys would like him or something like that.

The fact was, I accepted my brother the way he was and to be honest, I loved him even more!


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Generation 8, Chapter 2 : You can't blame yourself for who you're attracted to...

 It had already been three months since we arrived at University and going to class at 6AM every morning seemed pretty easy by now, mostly probably because I'm a morning person. I later found out Janet took Fine Arts as a major just like me, which was even better, you know, having a friend in my classes every day!

Ceallach slowly climbed up the social ladder in the Campus and with him being the 'Nerdy' type, people found it hard to believe that we were brother and sister... Of course I never denied him at all, he may be a nerd but he's my brother!

''Fancy going for a swim Stell?'' Janet asked me as we hurried out the classroom doors before we were pushed out of them!

''Sure, I actually haven't been to the swimming pool on campus since I got here, might as well check it out!'' I replied.

Surprisingly, once we got there, all suited up in our bikinis the place was pretty empty, with only just a few of the typical competitive swimmers racing to and from each pool wall.

''Don't you these are slightly - er - revealing?'' I questioned Janet, fixing the loose strap.

''No, not at all! And if that Andrew fella is here, even better for you!'' She replied, winking at me.

''Very funny Janet, very funny!'' I knew Janet was up to something, she had never just randomly invited me out somewhere... there was always a catch!

It wasn't long before I jumped into the pool alongside Janet and like little kids, all we done was splash each other! Suddenly she coughed and widened her eyes at me, trying to tell me something...

''What Janet!?'' I asked her.

''Look behind you!'' She whispered. I moved slowly in the water and guess who I say; Andrew, flexing his muscles!

''Oh shit... You see what you've done Janet!'' I blamed her, as he began to notice we were in the pool.

''Fancy seeing you here aye!'' Andrew said, coughing to draw my attention to his abs.

''Er - Yeah, fancy seeing me here ... Thanks to you Janet.'' I muttered under my breath.

''So, do you like my abs Stella?'' He asked, flexing once more.

I couldn't help but become all flirty once again at the sight of his big... bulky... abs! ''Why yes, I really do...'' I said, almost in a trance looking at them.

''So what are you doing here anyway?'' I asked him, once he put down his abs.

''Oh - er - your friend, Janet invited me... she said you asked if I'd come...'' He admitted, awkwardly lookign at Janet.

''Janet! For god sake I knew this all down to you!'' I said, screwing her again. She winked at me and suddenly I thought hey, maybe this wasn't such a bad idea!

''But thank you...'' I whispered and winked to her.

''So, now that I'm here anyway, what shall we do?'' He asked me.

''Well, you can show off your abs some if you like, I'm just going to take a little nap!'' I replied, winking at him as I walked towards the Loungers.

''Fine... if you say so...'' He also replied, winking back at me.

I was deep in sleep and I couldn't heard a thing, except the occasional laughter from Janet and her reading her Gossip Magazines.

''Wakey wakey bright eyes, wakey wakey...'' I heard someone hiss from the side of my head.

''G-Go away, I'm trying to sleep!'' I shouted at Andrew, flicking his head.

''You just can't get enough of me, can't you!?'' I asked him, jumping up from my lounger.

''I don't know you know, you tell me why I am!'' He said to me, winking at me and then widening his eyes as Janet walked towards us.

''Well, let's think... You may either be a crazy stalker or you might just like me, which one is right?'' I asked him.

''Well I got to think about that one, can I get back to you?'' He asked me, before I could answer Janet pushed in front of me and butted in.

''Yes, you can get back to her because we're leaving now, goodbye!'' She said, escorting me away from Andrew.

''Janet, what the hell!?'' I asked her as we continued to walk away, very fast.

''Stella, he's no good for you! Just look at him, he's a clear Casanova!'' Janet assured me.

''Fine, whatever you say....''


That same evening we quickly got dressed and headed up to The Point to do some sketching needed for our Art project.

''Okay Stella tell me the truth, do you really like Andrew?'' Janet asked me, staring out into the landscape.

''Well yes... I think so, he is a clear Casanova but at the same time I just really can't resist him; I think he likes me too!'' I replied, putting down my sketchbook and slightly daydreaming about him...

''Fine, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but honestly Stella, be careful with him...'' Janet warned me.

''I'll be fine... I promise!''

-- Ceallach's point of view --

Most boys in University would be out raving in night clubs or bowling with the Jocks, however I sat in my dorm room in front of the fire, casually scrolling through nearly all Social Networking sites.

''Alright Cel?'' Andrew said, suddenly walking in. My heart skipped at beat as he was... shirtless. His ripped body was bulky, tanned and wet, from him swimming most probably.

''Uh yeah.... I'm good....'' I said, shutting my laptop in a hast as he came closer.

''So what did you get up to today?'' I asked him as I got up from my bed.

''Nothing much, just been at the pool with your sister and her annoying best friend, You?'' He replied, and I was shocked.

Why was he with my sister? Were they on a date? Did they kiss?

''My sister; why were you with my sister? I asked him.

''Oh it wasn't a date or nothing, I just happened to meet her there!'' He explained.

''Oh okay...'' I said rubbing my head, still in confusion.

''Ceallach... I really need to tell you something.'' Andrew said to me. I suddenly started to sweat, thinking he was going to admit his attraction to me.

''Tell me what, Andrew?'' I asked him, with every single drop of hope bulging through my eyes.

''I really like your sister!'' My heart shattered in that exact moment, as it suddenly filled back up with a rage of jealously. ''She hilarious, smart and freaking beautiful! You wouldn't mind if I asked her out, would you?'' He asked me, with a similar sense of hope in his sexy, grey eyes.

''Oh.. you like my sister... Yeah sure, go ahead and ask her out... It's not like there's no one else as good as herself...'' I said to him, lowering my head in embarrassment. 

''Yeah, true!'' He replied, with all excitement bursting out of him.

He didn't like me; 

He liked my sister.


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