Saturday, 22 June 2013


I thought I'd post this if anyone's curious.... Has anyone noticed that my legacy's URL reads 'thecronwelllegacychap1' instead of 'thecronwelllegacy'?

You have, I thought so. Well the reason takes me back two years ago, when I was 12 xD Basically I thought I had to make a URL for each Chapter when I was about to post Chapter One so that's why it's says 'thecronwelllegacychap1' xD

Also, I haven't bothered to change to avoid confusion.


  1. *lol*
    Ok I guess you don´t need cheering up about this, but anyway-
    I started my blog at the age of forty, and I messed up so much that I had to create two more for different stories and move everything around. So, gimme five ^^

    1. Awh, I doubt they're not that bad! I'd love to them!


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