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Generation 8, Chapter 1 : Welcome To University.



... University. Moving to University felt like I was starting 'life' in a way, moving out of my parents house, leaving most of my friends and family and living in a dorm... full of strangers. The one reassuring thing was that I had my big brother by my side for some sort of family company!

The campus was pretty big, spreading across a wide, green piece of land. If you come to think of it, most of the land is occupied by Student Homes and Dorms and all the classrooms and actually in the city centre of the campus.

At first, Ceallach rented a Private Student Home for us to live in for the time being but I somehow persuaded him to live in a Dorm alongside me, you know, so we could receive the proper University Experience.

''This bloody suitcase is so freaking heavy!'' I said, huffing as I put my large suitcase on the gravel.

''Well if you never cancelled our Private Home we wouldn't even have to be carrying suitcases, the moving truck would of!'' He replied, grunting as he flew his suitcase on the ground.

''Oh stop being so antisocial! Plus who know's you might meet the future Mrs. Cronwell at University!'' I said, winking at him.

''Yeah , sure... Like that will happen...'' He said, sighing. Don't get me wrong, my brother is one handsome fella... it's just... he doesn't have the best luck with women. He's only had one girlfriend and that was about four years ago in the middle of his sort college days.

''I'm hoping you could be my Mrs. Thompson one day...'' A unfamiliar, deep voice said from behind me. I turned around to see a rather tanned... sexy man wink at me.

''Oh is that right... Mr - er - Thompson?'' I literally blurted back out. I've always had a flirty personality inside me which wasn't the best at some times... like these.

''Well yes, it is...'' He replied back, winking one more time at me. Ceallach coughed loudly and I sort of came out of trance and quickly focused on him instead.

''I think we should unpack now, Stella.'' My brother said to me, eyeing up the mysterious, sexy guy and firmly talking to me as well.

''Yeah... In a second....'' I replied.

''So what's your name, wait, let me guess... Emily?'' He asked me, swaying his shoulders left and right.

''Close mate... but not close, my sister's name is Stella and she's here to work, and work only.'' Ceallach rudely butted in. He looked him up and down once more and they both exchanged rude gestures.

''Well, I must unpack, see you upstairs, roomy.'' He said, approaching the stairs and looking at Cel.

What do you mean... roomy?'' Ceallach quickly replied back with a question. The mysterious guy turned around once more and winked at Ceallach. ''We're roommates, mate.''

''Bloody hell.'' Cel then muttered under his breath, sighing as well.

''Hey, I didn't catch your name...?'' I asked him once last time.

''Andrew, Andrew Thompson. Nice to meet you, Bright eyes.'' He said to me, as his voice faded away up the stairs. My brother sighed once more... '' That boy's going to be nothing but trouble...'' He said.

''He may be trouble but he's flipping sexy as hell!'' I shouted out, yet whispered at the same time.

''Hmmm, maybe he is...'' Ceallach replied to me, suddenly I looked at him but he sort of brushed it off...

Bright eyes... Those words made my heart flutter slightly..


 After a few hours of unpacking and meeting some of our house mates everything seemed to settle in really well. I called my parents once I was settled in my room and they wished me good luck through my semester at Univeristy which was seriously so reassuring to hear.

I was told that I also had a roommate but she wasn't at the dorm when we arrived, perhaps I would of met her later on in the day...

The first thing you always do when you go to events : Get the freebies. The 'Meet and Greet' over at the administration centre was a pretty well thought idea to get everyone used to University Life but all I literally did was read about my classes, get more and more freebies and got something to eat!

-- Ceallach's Point of View--

The 'Meet & Greet' was going perfectly well until Andrew strolled in. I sighed heavily as he approached me, thinking he was coming to me to brag about his shitty abs or something... But in fact he didn't.

''Fancy a game of pool, Ceallach?'' He asked me. How did he know my name? The only name he knew was my sisters, and he probably forgot it by now...

''Wait, how do you know my name...?'' I asked him, curiously.

''I asked the Dorm Warden, seeing as we're roommates... I wanted to get to know you better.'' He winked at me and picked up the stick. ''So, fancy a game?'' He asked me again.

''Yeah... sure thing...'' I quickly replied to him. He wanted to get to know me better, Interesting... I stared at him for a moment up to the point where he noticed I was so I quickly diverted to the game once again. ''Alright, let's get playing!''

''I win!'' I say later on, hitting the last black ball into one of the left holes. I cheered in triumphant.

''Awh shit, better luck for me next time!'' He said back, slightly hitting me with the stick.

''Yeah, maybe next time...'' I said again, not knowing what to say next. His big, grey eyes continued to focus on me and for some strange reason I began to sweat a little...

''So, tell me about yourself mate, got any ambitions, a house... a girlfriend?'' He asked me.

''Yeah I do, actually, I want to be a Surgeon of some sort. Yes I also have an apartment back in Sunset Valley, my sister and I part rental share it together and nope... I'm not the the best Casanova...'' I replied, rubbing my thick black hair in awkwardness.

''Wait, are you like into men then?'' He asked me. I paused for a second and actually asked the question to myself, am I? I guess not...

''Well - erm - No, no I'm not into men...'' I replied back, sweating even more.

''Oh okay, that's good! Anyway I'm off, chat to you later roomy.'' He said, hurrying down the stairs.

''Later... Roomy...'' I replied, but he already down the stairs by now.

-- Stella's point of view--

''Hello?'' I heard, also feeling the tap of a finger on my back. I turned around and put my coffee down to see a very pale, again-looking girl in front of me.

''Oh hey...'' I said, wondering why she wanted me, but not being rude at the same time.

''I'm Janet, your new roomate!'' She said, smiling away. Before I got a word in myself she pulled me in for a very friendly hug.

''Uhh Hi, I'm Stella, it's nice to meet you!'' I said, trying to speak as she held me tight in her hands.

''I'm hugging you too tight aren't I... I'll just let go!'' She said awkwardly, letting me go.

I caught my breath and began to talk. ''N-No no, it's okay, and it's nice to meet you!'' I said.

''Fancy a game of Star Wars, I'm crap at it but it's really fun!'' She asked me, pointing at the two small gaming systems in the corner of the hall.

''Sure, looks like fun!'' I replied. She grinned at me and we headed to the machines.

About she was crap at it.

Janet freaking beat me by over 10,000 points! After hours of time put into beating her, I just couldn't! We played so many games, rounds and levels and she just continued to win, every single one!

''I win, again!'' She cheered out.

''For the 57th time, Janet.'' I said, sighing and blowing my hair to one side. ''I'm pretty gamed out Jan, let's get back to the dorm!'' I suggested.

''Pretty good idea, since I haven't finished unpacking yet!'' She said to me, hurrying downstairs as I quickly followed.

That same evening I decided to change into something a little less tight and head down to Moonlight Point to do some Sketching; I was going to invite Janet but went I went into our room I found her fast asleep in a pile of clothes, she must of fallen asleep unpacking!

''Hey it's you again, bright eyes.'' A familiar voice said behind me, again. I turned around slightly and looked up to see Andrew almost behind me, grinning as usual.

''Following me are you?'' I asked him.

''Oh I might be... or I might not be...'' He said, winking at me. I gently shoved my Sketch Book in my bag and slowly got up slowly and stood very close to him. I could smell his sexy aftershave light up the air which just made me even more attracted to him.

''Well Mr. Thompson, if you want me I think you just might need to try a little bit harder.'' I said, walking away, quickly turning around to wink at him then carried on.

''You're playing hard to get I see, Bright eyes!'' He shouted back at me, as I continued to walk away. I never said nothing back, instead I gave him a thumbs up and got on my bicycle.

The first day in University passed and it wasn't long before the night came and I crawled into my little Bunk Bed; Janet claimed at Ground Bed across the room.

University seemed it was going to be pretty good... especially with Andrew Thompson being here...

-- ^.^ --

Thanks for reading the the very first chapter of Generation 8! I hope you liked it! Just a little notice, there will be only about five chapter of this Generation in University because it honestly bores me to death and the main plots of this Generation are features after University.

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    poor Cel, I hope he figures himself out soon :(
    great chapter
    xoxo Aideybabes

    1. Please, tell him that again! ; __ ;

      He's in a bad place right now, but I'm sure he'll figure himself out! :)

      Haha ;) & Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Just love this.. When is the next chapter going to be posted?

    1. Thank you! The next chapter should be out between Wednesday - Saturday! :)

  3. Wow! Generation 8 already! I'm so excited to start reading about the Cronwell's in yet another amazing generation! :D

    1. I know, I can't believe I've come this far! Thank you, I'm hope you enjoy it!! :D

      Thanks for reading and commenting, (:

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    1. Thank you! & Thanks for commenting as well!

  5. Awesome start to Generation 8! I hope Cel figures himself out soon, he'll still a handsome pixel anyways ^__^ And that Andrew grey eyes Thompson better not break their hearts

    1. Thank you! He will, don't you worry, and when he does, he'll have his sister to comfort... or will he...

      And Yeah I know right, Darn Andrew... >.>

      Thank you!

  6. Awesome! I'm loving generation 8 already!

    I think I'm actually seeing this: Maybe Cel is interested in Andrew and Stella is interested in him too (brothers fight)! maaaybeee, I dunno... Can't wait too see what's gonna happen next!!

    I can't literally stop thinking how many times Stella said 'sexy' when she was talking about Andrew, and damn he really is! xD

    (scretly crying here bc I couldn't send Mia to uni too ;__;)

    1. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!!

      Gawd Cherry, you've figured at least five of the chapters out already!

      Hehe, when Stella falls in love, she FALLS in love!!

      Awh ,I'm really sorry ; ___ ; But thanks for reading & commenting!


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