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Generation 8, Chapter 4 : This kiss.

University was quickly coming to a close and honestly, I was so excited to leave! Mainly because I knew I was going to graduate with good grades and be able to leave the campus with a grin on my face.

Janet on the other hand was up to her knees in Coursework! Through the past weeks she had been flicking through coursework, regretting not doing it when she received it, just like I told her that she would.

''Slow down, Stella!'' Janet called out to me, a few metres behind me.

''Can't you keep up with me, fattie?'' I quickly turned around to grin and her and carried on running towards the Fine Arts block.


After class Janet and I watched a movie in the dorm Recreation room. ''Hey, shouldn't you be studying?'' I asked Janet, crunching the popcorn left in my mouth.

''Yes I should, but I won't, because I don't need too!'' She replied, grinning at the TV like she wasn't scared of the movie.

''You keep saying that Janet, right up to when you fail!'' I replied quietly. Minuets of silence passed with our eyes glued to the television screen.

''Oh shit, he chopped his head clear off!'' Janet screamed out, jumping violently off the sofa.

''Calm down! It wasn't that scary!'' I replied back, still in shock from her jump off the sofa. She looks at me for a second and we both busted into laughter.

''So.... what's the deal with you and lover boy over there?'' Janet asked me, pointing into the Study where Andrew was studying in.

''No know what, I don't even know myself. One minuet he's flirting and following me, the next he's ignoring me and giving me dirty looks! He's really sending me mixed signals and it's very frustrating..'' I replied to Janet question, sighing at the same time.

''You know what you need to do; you need to text him!'' Janet suggested.

''Well, I guess I could... but-.'' Before I could even think of a reason not to text him, Janet butted in.

''Not but's, you're going to text him, right now!'' She said, very persuasively.

''Oh fine, but if this goes wrong you'll be the first to blame!'' I said to her, pulling my phone out of my pocket.

''Stella darling, it will certainly not fail.'' She said in a posh tone, grinning at me as she took the last bits of my popcorn.

''Hey Andrew, fancy going bowling tonight?'' - Stella.

''Yeah, sure! Meet you there in an hour or so?'' - Andrew replied, very quickly.

''Yeah that's perfect, see you soon. x'' - I replied. ''He agreed Janet!'' I said to her with pure excitement.

''I told you he would, see, you should always listen to my advice!'' Janet suggested.

''Hmm... maybe I should, but I won't!'' I replied to her, winking as I dashed upstairs to get changed.


An hour or so I met up with Andrew at the bowlarama' and things took off really well and really quickly.

''Strike!'' I said after swinging the ball across the land with all force, quickly seeing it knock all pins to the ground.

''Wow, you're pretty good at this!'' Andrew admitted, winking at me.

''Why yes I am, now let's see how good you're at it, lover boy.'' I replied; he quickly replied to me with a simple smirk and approached the lane.

''Three pins, are you serious!?'' Andrew said angrily, after swinging the ball similarly with full force, but not enough get a strike. I couldn't help but laugh a bit which made him turn around and give me a slight dirty look.

''What! It's funny!'' I said, breaking the silence and diverting Andrew's evil glares off of myself.

''Maybe I should of mentioned that Bowling wasn't my favourite activity...'' He said awkwardly, rubbing his Mahican.

''That would of been nice to know! Hey I've got an idea.... Follow me!'' I said to Andrew, walking towards the steps heading upstairs.

''Wait, where are we going?'' He asked me.

''You'll see just follow me...'' I shouted back slightly, by now I was way ahead of him.

''I like to come up here once or twice in a week to study, hardly anyone ever comes up here and you can see the Sunset over the horizon.'' I said to Andrew, hearing him come up the stairs to the terrace.

''You're right, there is a really nice view up here.'' He replied faintly, looking past the buildings and setting his eyes on the beach.

''So, what made you bring me up to you secret hideout?'' He said, flirtatiously.

''I don't have a clue, I guess someone as good looking as you would appreciate such a view like this...''

''Oh I'm appreciating it.... however I'm not appreciating the view, it's you I'm appreciating...'' He replied. He suddenly became much more alluring and I couldn't help but smirk flirtatiously at him.

''Well Andrew-.'' He cut me off before I could finish my sentence... With a kiss.

The kiss lasted for about seven seconds and he pulled away with a sexy smirk on his face.

''Well Andrew... you're a might good kisser...''



We all knew that kiss from brewing for a loooooooooooong time!

On another note, thank you so much for reading Chapter 4, of Generation 8, of The Cronwell Legacy! I really hoped you liked it and if you did, please leave a little comment!

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  1. How beautiful was the kiss, Kurtis, certainly not for snooping but hoped that this chapter will premiere next Saturday or Friday, but this has been amazing to have chapters one after the other.

    1. Awh thanks, I'm glad you was happy to see another chapter! I was bored this time and had time to write! :) Thank you!

    Great chapter as always
    Loving Andrew alot more than I did before now :)
    xoxo Aideybabes

    1. I had to include it xDD

      Thanks a lot mate, and aha don't get too attached to him... something may happen to him soon :3

      Thank you, again!

  3. I love the GIF in the end XD great chapter as always :)


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