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Generation 8, Chapter 6 : First times.

Surprisingly, Sunset Valley hadn't changed at all since we first left for University, the only physical difference was that they built a huge Spanish resort in the upper class housing areas of Sunset Valley.

Being back took from University a huge relief off of myself, and I can probably say the same thing for all of us.

Before we actually went to University Ceallach and I decided we'd move in together after it and we even put a deposit on a flat on the coast of Sunset Valley and it was practically waiting when we arrived.

However, things changed as I invited Andrew and Janet to live with us just a few days before we graduated and although Ceallach wasn't for their invitation, he agreed!

As the huge moving truck, driven by Andrew, stopped outside the apartment and the rest of us stopped behind it in Ceallach's car, everything finally seemed to become real.

Ceallach and Janet gossiped and giggled with each other while taking out some of our boxes from the truck as Andrew snuck up behind me with a surprise kiss.

''... Are you sure you don't mind me living with you, I mean, I can get my own place...?'' Andrew asked me.

''No, no! Of course not, you're my boyfriend!'' I replied, quickly kissing on the cheek and returning to the van to continue to unpack.

The one bad thing about this apartment was that their was no elevator, and with us living on the fifth floor, walking up many flights of stairs was a difficulty for me... or us.

''Well... at least it's big...'' Janet said, breaking the silence.

''But it's empty!'' I pointed out, still in shock from seeing not even one piece of furniture.

''Oh yes, I forgot to tell you Stella...'' Ceallach said, awkwardly staring at me to fully explain. ''...The ex tenants came back to take their furniture and all the left was a couple rugs, bed boards and an art easel or something like that in the living room ...''

''Oh for god sake, now you tell me!'' I replied, very angrily. Janet was the first to approach the living room and I followed along, sighing because I knew what to expect.

''Okay.. well it's not that bad!'' Janet said, trying to be optimistic.

''Yes it is; there's not even a couch; or a fridge!'' I pointed out, looking into the entrance of the Kitchen as well as the Living Room.

''Okay it is bad, but we can do this place up! Andrew can go and buy the basic living room stuff, Ceallach you need to buy some bed sheet, pillows, all that stuff and Stella, we'll decorate the rest of the Apartment with the remaining stuff we took from University! Trust me guy, it'll be done in no time!'' Janet hoped.

''Sounds like a plan!'' Andrew said.

After hours of carrying countless furniture up and down stairs, rearranging and cleaning up the apartment, we finally got the Living Room, Kitchen and Bedrooms finished off.

It turned out pretty well and with the brick wall already insulted, there was no need to change the walls which was even easier.

We also decorated the walls with pictures we took on the same day and Janet was kind enough to quickly get them framed at a shop so we could hand them up.

Later that night we took advantage of our new sofa and the TV and watched a Horror Movie! Jane and I literally couldn't stop jumping, Ceallach and Andrew however just casually sat their like nothing scary was happening!

''Holy crap, that guy's head was cut clear off!'' I said, jumping onto Andrew as the murderer sneakily chop this girl's head into two bits.

''How is that even scary!?'' Ceallach said, laughing at the death scene.

''How is that even scary? How is it not scary!'' I replied, covering my eyes and peeking out to see the death scene had ended.

''You think this is scary; watch The Walking Dead and that'll show you what's scary!'' Ceallach suggested.

''I'm fine thanks, I'll settled with this!'' I replied, moving back into my seat as the scene finished.

As the evening carried on the movie came to an end and Janet and I could finally relax without being scared out of our seats!

''Ew, can't you two get a room!?'' Ceallach literally pleaded and Andrew and I made out with each other.

''Too right, display's of affection should be illegal!'' Janet pointed out, rolling her eyes at us as we kissed each other even more.

''Okay, we'll get a room...'' Andrew finally said, winking at me as he led me off the couch. I kissed him one more as we approached the bedroom door.

One thing led to another and next I knew, I was half naked and was beside Andrew, passionately kissing me.

He ran his rough hands down my smooth legs then paused and looked at me. ''Are you sure you're ready because we can stop if you want too ...?'' He asked me; I didn't answer but instead kissed him back and reached into his dressing gown, feeling his hairy, muscular body rub against me.

That very night, when I lost my virginity, it felt as if I wasn't 'satisfied' enough by Andrews moves. Also, it seemed he never really enjoyed it just as much as I didn't...

That same night, but much later on in the evening, I got out of bed and looked back at Andrew, who looked blankly at me.

''... Andrew, I have a confession ...'' I said, flicking my hair up and doing up my bra strap.

''Go ahead.'' Was all he replied, sitting up on my bed and looking at me very eerily.

''That wasn't entirely pleasurable...'' I quickly threw out. He leaped out of the bed in shock and looked at me, very angrily.

''What do you mean that wasn't 'pleasurable!?'' Andrew moaned, raging his voice after every word.

''I mean, it wasn't pleasurable!'' I shouted back at him. He moved back once again in shock and narrowed his eyes at the sight of me.

''Are you actually fucking serious Stella, you have the bloody cheek to say that!'' He said back, pointing at me in disgust.

''You know what, maybe it wasn't a good idea for us to move in with each other ...'' I muttered under my breath, walking out of the door.

''What!?'' He asked.

''I said, maybe it wasn't a good idea for us to move in with each other!'' I shouted out at him one more time before storming out of the room in pure anger.

''Oh hey Stella, what's up with you and lover boy in there, I heard shouting?'' She asked me, typing away on her laptop as my brother fell asleep next to her on the couch.

''Is Ceallach asleep?'' I asked her first.

''I'd say half, he keeps on twitching...'' She said, laughing at him as he twitched.

''Well then... Okay, I'll tell you about it in the Kitchen...'' I said as she shut her laptop and quickly hurried into the Kitchen, ready for the latest gossip.

''Okay so I'll just cut it short... Andrew and I just done, you know, stuff and I just tried to explain to him that he wasn't pleasurable and he freaked out on me!'' I explained, she bursted out laughing and I told her to be quiet just in case Ceallach woke up and heard us.

''Well of course, you never tell a boy he never satisfied you!'' Janet pointed out, chuckling quietly.

''Well sorry, I never knew... this was my first time...'' I replied.

''It's not your fault Stella, you didn't know... and besides, he's a jerk for treating you like that!'' Janet assured me.

''I guess...'' I said, drifting towards the bar stool to sit down.

''You know what you need, a drink!'' Janet said, rushing over the bar, then pulling quite a large bottle of Vodka out of the drawer.

''Cheers!'' Janet said, chugging down the glass of Vodka.

''Woah calm down Janet, I'n the one that's supposed to be drowning my sorrows!'' I replied, slowly her down.

''Please, I'd drink a glass of Vodka even if I was the happiest girl on earth!''

''Oh I can tell ... What a weird best friend I have...'' I said, winking at her.

''You're just jealous of my uniqueness Stella!'' She replied, getting another glass of Vodka.

''Yeah... of course!'' I said, sarcastically.


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  1. Wow, that changes hairstyles, and great house. I love it. By the way it just me, or is that Ceallach and Janet are falling. I think :)

  2. Thank you ! Hmmm they may... or may not be! Personally I don't think he's Janet's type, but you never know! Thank you!


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