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Generation 8, Chapter 7 : Murder she committed ...

* Eights months later ... *

Month by month, things seemed to have gotten better for Ceallach, yet worst for me ...

Just weeks after moving back to Sunset Valley, Ceallach started dating one of his colleagues from his work place, her name was Jubilee, and they both already seemed to love each other very much. Most of the time, when both of them weren't at work, Jubilee would hang out at our apartment and herself and Ceallach would constantly talk about how much they loved each other and all that romantic business!

... I could definitely see them two together for a long time, although I was sure Ceallach hadn't told her about his true sexuality, which could cause a huge problem for them in the future.

Unlike Ceallach's love life, mine was slowly heading for the depths of despair ... Ever since we moved here, Andrew's changed and even shown his true colours; he had this sudden short temper and surprisingly not taking it out on me, yet , he takes it out on our furniture ... throwing glasses at the walls, dropping plates in his rage and once he even kicked down the bathroom door. Ceallach constantly tells me to drop him cold ... but I just can't, at least not until he turns to me with his rage ...

''Oh don't mind me, I just came to my paint brushes!'' I cheekily said to Ceallach, as himself and Jubilee jumped up from the couch that Saturday evening.

Juubilee chuckled while Ceallach did the common 'rubbing his head in awkwardness' and I didn't blame him, with me, his sister, walking in on him and his girlfriend!

Jubilee suddenly pulled over Ceallach and whispered something in his ear ... ''Cel baby, tell her about the -.'' The what?

''No, not right now!'' He replied, loud enough for me to hear.

''Yes now, Ceallach! When are you going to tell her, when I have a big bu-.''

''Okay fine, I will!'' He whispered back to her.

''Ermm, Stella ... can we go somewhere private, I - er - need to tell you something really important?'' Ceallach asked me.

''Sure, how about Janet's room; she's at the beach?''

''Sure ...''

''So what's so important to tell me ...?'' I said, waiting for an answer. Ceallach took a deep breath and began to speak.

''Jubilee's ... P-Pregnant ...'' He blurted out with all confidence. I was totally caught off guard by his words, I mean I thought Ceallach would be much careful in that area.

''You are joking, right? You just started working!'' I said, clearly waiting for an explanation.

''I know I have, and yes this was unexpected but we've decided to keep it and I'm one hundred percent sure we'll work our way through this.'' He explained.

''Well if you're completely sure about this, who am I stop you! I'll support you and Jubi through this as much as can, only if you make me godmother of course!'' I joked, winking at Ceallach.

''Why of course, you're going to be the greatest godmother, and auntie!'' He replied back with a big hug to go with it.

''Wait Cel, have you told Mum, Dad, the Twins, Rose?'' I asked him.

''Now now Stella, one step at a time! I guess I'll break the news to them tomorrow ...'' He said, awkwardly.

''I'm going to be an auntie!'' I shouted through our apartment in pure excitement.

''Congratulation Jubilee, I'm so happy for you and my brother!'' I said to her, pulling her in for in a big hug.

''Thank you, Stella! Ceallach honestly thought you would be angry at him for us deciding to keep the baby, I told him you wouldn't!'' She explained, glancing over at Ceallach and grinning.

''Angry!? Hell no! That's my little niece or nephew in there!''

''Sure is!''

''So how many weeks along are you?'' I asked Jubi as we sat down. Before she could answer Andrew came stumbling out of our bedroom, almost half naked, with his usual negativity.

''Ugh, what's with all the shouting!?'' He said angrily. ''I'm trying to sleep!'' He added on.

''... You've been sleeping all day ...'' Ceallach muttered under his breath; surprisingly Andrew didn't flip out onn him, instead he gave him a pretty dirty look.

''Well if you weren't sleeping all bloody day you would of heard Jubilee's pregnant!'' I said to him, both angry at him and still excited for Jubi and Cel.

''Oh great ... all we need is a little rug rat running around here!!'' By time he said that Jubilee was getting out of her seat, ready to give Andrew a piece of her name but I calmed her down and spoke to him myself.

''Excuse me!? How dare you talk about my future niece or nephew like that!'' I said, shouting at him.

''Well it's not like children are exactly calm and quiet; it's the least we need around here right now!'' He explained, stumping his foot like a little child.

''You're so pathetic Andrew, you know that!''

''Oh I'm pathetic, you're the one cussing out my own brother's unborn child! What kind of man are you!'' I asked him, angrily.

''A man who felt so bad for you that I went out with you, kissed you and even moved in with you just because I was pitiful for you! That's what kind of man I am!'' As he said that I stumbled back a bit, comprehending what he just said.

''I-I'm done ...'' I said, chocking on my tears while I ran out of the apartment.

*Jubilee's point of view*

''Great work you fucking idiot!''  Ceallach said to Andrew, heading to him like he wanted to punch him ...

''Stop Ceallach, stop! Punching him isn't going to mend your sister's heart ... Only he can; Andrew go after her... you may not love her but she deserves an apology.''

He sighed and went into the bedroom, most probably to get dressed and go after her.

* Stella's Point of View*

I just couldn't find a reason as to why Andrew would do this to me ... W-why he'd make me think that he actually loved me ... When in fact he didn't, one bit.

I could sense him approaching me but I continued to look at the ocean glisten along the moonlight.

''Stella ...?'' He said, softly as he tapped me on the shoulder. I flipped around and slapped his filthily hands off of me.

''Don't you fucking touch me, you don't have that right to anymore!'' I shouted at him.

''Don't get off on me, I just told the truth!'' He replied, I literally gasped in shock at him actually thinking what he said about me was the 'truth'. I took a deep breath and looked back into the ocean one more, then back at the devil himself.

''The truth!? Oh Andrew you have some fucking nerve to do this to me you know, some fucking nerve! Oh and if it wasn't clear enough, we're over! Move out by the end of tomorrow please ...'' I said quickly, trying my absolute best not to cry in front of him, making him know that I was actually sad ...

''I'm not going nowhere, Stella.'' He replied, smirking at me.

''What do you mean you're not going anywhere? You bloody are.'' I replied, rolling my eyes at him.

''I said I'm not going anywhere ...'' He said slowly once more, he smirked at me and reached into his pocket. As I saw him pull out something sharp, most probably a knife, I knew this wasn't going to end well so I tried to run ... but he wrapped his bulky arm around mine.

I kicked and kicked, I even kicked him in his balls but it wasn't hard enough for him to release me ... instead he struck me across the face with a very sharp Kitchen knife.

Blood was beginning to ooze out of it as I stumbled back into the sand. I held my cheek in pain and surprisingly, I decided to run at him.

''Aaaah!'' I screamed out as he and I both tackled each other, weirdly at equal strengths. I kicked him once more in the balls and he punched me extremely hard in the shoulder with his free arm, after he punched me I suddenly got reach with his hand with the knife in it.

My mind told me to end it.

Stop the pain he caused ...

Get revenge ...

... Kill him ...

Just as he was about to issue another blow to my face, I quickly twisted the knife hand into his chest and he let out a loud gasped, and dropped to the floor.

I let him fall straight to the ground and he fell just millimeters away from my own two feet. It was just seconds after that blood from his own body flooded the surrounding sand ...

He was still gripping the knife when he dropped the floor and to me, it looked like he could of committed suicide.

The perfect lie to tell.

I looked around, left and right, hoping no one saw me what just happened ... but suddenly I saw Janet emerge from a bush, staring blankly at Andrew's body.

''You -k-killed him ...'' She said, in complete shock.

''I-I didn't! I was an accident; I swear!'' I replied to her as I looked completely guilty ...

Before I could say anything else, she ran away, and not back to the apartment ... for the highway ...

''Janet please, listen to me!'' I shouted out, but it was too late ... She was gone.

By time I hid him, the tide came in a washed his blood pool out from the sand. I pushed his lifeless, heavy body right into the depths of the brushes and looked to see if anyone else had seen me ...

... No one would ever know I was responsible for the murder of Andrew Thompson ...



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  1. love it and can't wait for more chapter to come out

  2. Rrrrright, sure. Drag the body into the bushes, and the eye witness will forget about it for sure, and no one is going to miss him anyway *lol*

    Great update! :D

    1. Well you never know, Stella's stupid decisions might put her in jail ...

      Thanks for reading Anna!

  3. Ermahgerd....the only way I can truly convey my feeling right now is full of tens and thousands of shocked expression Gifs from tumblr.

    DAMN, that was like, REALLY unexpected. Usually I can see these kinds of things coming, but this, I really didn't.

    This post was both awesome ('cause Cel got a girl) and mind blowing (for obvious reasons...). O_O

    1. I know, tumblr Gif's say it all ... O_O

      Yay, I know you didn't expect it but I'm glad you actually didn't; I surprised you!

      And aw, thank you so much! :D

  4. Wow!!. The end left me speechless. Stella did not think you could do that. She is brave (in a sense of irony). And by Janet and Ceallach, I'm happy to see them together. I knew there was something more than friends. Great chapter, Kurtis.

    1. I know, nearly everyone never expected Stella to do such a thing ...

      She is, I'd never have the courage to do that to a person!

      And by the way just so you're not confused, Cel and Janet are not together, it's just that Cel's girlfriend, Jubi, just looks a lot like Janet!

  5. I forgot to tell you that I have a question How do you enlarge the photos? Do you do any size with downloadable program or computer?

    1. No I don't actually! :P My laptop has a 15.something inch screen so maybe that's why they're big!

  6. Great Chapter I can't believe what Stella did She killed Andrew but in my opion he deserved it and we now now Cal sexuality well done on a great chapter

    1. I know, basically everyone was pleased with Andrew's death, which is relieving! Thanks for commenting, and reading!


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