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A HUGE announcement!

After much consideration and support from my readers, I've decided to try and turn The Cronwell Legacy into some sort of book 'Saga' or 'Series', you know, something similar to the way the Twilight books had been published. 

So here's how it will go : Each Generation will be one book, making a ten part 'Saga' called The Cronwell Legacy. Every book will be called Generation 1, 2, 3 and their names and so on. The starting book of the'Saga' (Generation 1) will include an Intro to the legacy itself and will talk about how everything will be written, and so on.

Oh just to make it clear, the book will be a copy of my blog right here, and most of the content in the book will be exactly as shown on here.

As you can probably tell, Generation's 1, 2, 3 and a bit of 4 will need to completely written over, with loads of hard work and time!

Every single heir, heiress, and characters will be same and so will their personality. I hope to actually complete THIS blog by next year sometime and I will obviously continue to post chapters on here, while I'll be working on putting the previous 7 generations into books and into the Saga.

One day, maybe two or three years later, I'd actually like to publish book after book, and hopefully make some money off of them!

Unfortunately, there won't be any Sim - related pictures in the books as they will be hard - back chapter books, however the characters will obviously still stay the same.

Talking about characters, I have an idea of how the book covers could be. If I was somehow able to get permission from The Sims producers/ EA, I'd keep the book covers of my actual Sim heir's and heiress', however if I couldn't I'd try and find look - a - like human's to substitute the Sims on the front covers.

I think that's enough ranting ... >.< Anyway, I do hope you'll support this idea and keep reading my legacy to push me to actually do this!

Thanks a bunch, 


Friday, 23 August 2013

Generation 8, Chapter 10 : Blackmail by 'business'.

Previously ...

''... J-Janet?'' I said, still cautiously questioning who was behind me.

''That's me.'' She said, letting out a small, evil laugh.


''How the hell did you get in my house!?'' Was the first thing I asked, actually the first thing I shouted out at her.

It took Janet a minuet to answer me, but instead she looked me up and down and sighed. '' ... You fell asleep with your balcony door open and your gated wasn't on it's latch so I came in.'' She simply said, like it was no problem strolling into my house.

''You can't just stroll into a stranger's house whenever you want, even if their back door is open!'' I explained.

''Stranger; I'm a stranger!?'' She asked, just as angry as I was by then.

''Yes, you are a bloody stranger! You abandoned me ... That night ... and never came back until now, two years later!'' I replied, with full force.

She then lowered her eyes at me and pointed at the picture of Andrew and I on the wall, as she pointed at the very picture I instantly knew what she was about to say.

''Yes, that night when you killed Andrew!'' I knew that very line was coming, but my heart sank when she said it.

''I-I never meant to kill him ... It was an acc-accident ...'' I tried to say, but stuttered out.

Minuets passed and neither Janet or myself spoke. Instead I'd look up from the ground at her and she would roll her eyes at me.

I finally broke the silence with the ever so expected question.

''A - are you going to tell the police?'' I asked, as she simultaneously lifted her head up.

''I've been waiting for you to ask that question, and that's why I came here.'' She explained, as she smirked. ''The answer is, no ... Only if you do some 'business' for me.'' She explained more.

''What kind of business are you talking about?'' I questioned her, however from her facial expression I could this type of 'business' wasn't the most pleasant.

''You'll see, just get dressed and follow me.'' She ordered, in a very firm tone.

''I'm not going anywhere with you, Janet.'' I replied, standing my ground.

''Well unless you want to be tried for the murder of Andrew Thompson I suggest you follow me.'' She said.

So I did.


I had so many questions to ask Janet, like why she left, and where did she go, ... and even why she hates me so much now.

But I knew that wasn't the time to ask questions, all I did was follow her in silence.

''Where the hell are we?'' I finally asked, as she led me in to a dingy, yet well lit hallway.

''We're at my brother's flat, and these are my brothers, Doug and Darren.'' As she introduced me, the longer haired brother winked at me then smirked at Janet and at tat very moment, every part of my body was telling me to get out of this place, now , but I couldn't, unless I wanted to go to jail.

''Why have you brought me here, Janet?'' I questioned Janet as her creepy brother winked at me for the second time.

''This is the business. You give my brother's a good time in that bedroom over there and I won't go to the police. Simple.''

I literally couldn't believe what she just said she wanted me to do, Prostitution.

'' ... You want me to be your ... Prostitute?'' I said, still in shock from what she told me to do.

''Well if you want to call it that, then yes, we do.'' One of Janet's brother's said in his deep voice.

''No, hell no!'' I said, as I began to run toward the unpainted, hazardous spiral staircase. I turned around slightly and saw Janet nudging her other brother to chase after me and of, that's what he did.

He quickly pulled me with his firm arms and kissed me, vigorously. As I felt his filthy lips touch mine I knew I had to do soething otherwise he'd to worst stuff to me, but I just couldn't pull away ... He was too strong.

He let part of his grip away as he lowered his left hand unto my butt and I felt him tug on it. Although things had gotten worst as he was now touching my butt, it was somewhat better because I was able to pull apart our lips and push him back slightly.

He smirked for the first time and came back at me, wanting more, but I wasn't going to let that happen ...

So I punched him out cold ... I heard Janet gasp as his head connected with the concrete ground and became unconscious. I stepped back once he dropped to the ground and looked up at Janet as she signaled her second brother to come after, and that was the moment I ran, ran for my life.


I never stopped running until I was halfway across Sunset Valley and stopped at the bustling Central Park.

As I caught my breath, and sighed a sigh of relief, I was alarmed by a couple, not too far from me, bickering their guts out at something I was curious to know about. From what I could see, they were married and the woman was even heavily pregnant! I had to get closer and listen to what they were arguing about.

I looked behind me to make sure Janet's brother wasn't still chasing after me and when I saw that he wasn't, I slightly walked closer to the couple to get the gist of what they were arguing about.

''I know you've been sleeping with Evangeline, it's all over your filthy hands!'' The women shouted out at her husband.

''I haven't slept with Eva, we're just co - workers, I love you! Not her!'' The man explained back to her.

''You fucking liar! You don't love me, or this baby! You love that slut at work, you even have a name for her, Eva, Fucking little Eva!'' The woman shouted back, once more.

''Launa, for the last time, I'm not cheating on you, I love you, and our -.'' The man said, before the woman cut him off.

''Love me my back foot!'' She shouted out for a third at her husband.

''Oh you know what, we're fucking over! I've had it up to HERE up your excessive paranoia and lack of trust! We're over!'' The man shouted back at her.

''Fine!'' Was all the woman said, then she instantly, waddled away, i slight tears but not enough for you to guess she was actually crying. As she walked away in tears, I saw the very ... Attractive man sigh.

I jogged past him so he couldn't realise that I was actually listening to him and his ex - wife's conversation but clumsy me ended tripping on his foot.

Oh crap, are you okay!?'' He said, helping me up as I dusted my jeans off.

''I-I'm fine, thanks. Er - sorry - that was my fault ...'' I replied, stuttering as I couldn't help but admire his beautiful face.

''No problem!'' He said, smiling at me. His arms were still on mine and I looekd down at his which made him awkwardly remove them. ''Er - my name's Oswald, Oswald Davis.

''I'm Stella, Stella Cronwell.'' I replied.

''Wow, you're Stella Cronwell! I stayed at your resort when my Ex - Wife and I got married, it's really nice there!'' He said.

''Oh I see, I'm glad you like it.''

''Are you sure you're okay, Stella?'' He asked again, clearly seeing I was upset.

''Okay, I given in. I'm upset, yeah, but it's just family stuff ... I'll be fine too.'' I explained.

He smiled at me and said; '' I knew I would eventually get it out of you!''

''Yep! You're sure one persistent guy.'' I said, trying to resist smiling ,but I just couldn't.

''Indeed I am, and talking about persistence ... Here, have my number, just in case you're feeling down again. I'm sure I'll be able to cheer you up with my persistence.'' He replied, grinning slightly as he handed me his phone number on a piece of paper.

''Well, thank you. I'll keep you in mind if I'm ever upset again.'' I simply said, smiling a lot at him.

I could definitely tell I'd ring this number one day.


Thank you for reading Chapter 10 of Generation 8 of The Cronwell Legacy! 

I really hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, please leave me some Feedback and I'd be sure to answer it!

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Generation 8, Chapter 9 : Two years sure go quickly.

Two years had gone by and things had changed, for the good ... and the bad.

Jubilee eventually had a baby boy, which they named Creig Anderson - Cronwell. There were minor complications during the birth but in the end, both Jubi and Creig recovered perfectly. Creig is just a few months over one and he is already walking and saying word here and there! I had never seen Ceallach look and be so happy until his son was born and just from that I could tell they would both be willing to have more children, hopefully soon! Also, not long after Creig's first birthday, Ceallach proposed to Jubilee and she said yes! 

On the other hand, my life got somewhat better and obviously, somewhat worse...

That night I accidentally killed Andrew still haunted me, night after night throughout these past two years. Paranoia, regret and pure resentment flooded through my head, every single night I went to sleep, alone. I'd look over to the other side of my bed and see an almost imaginative outline of Andrew ... And sometimes, even cry myself to sleep.

I knew I had to stay strong, or someone would catch on and figure out what I had done. Ceallach never spoke of the death again since the day he told me not to say a word, it was almost as if he just brushed that event out of his life.

And then there was Janet.

That very same night I k-killed Andrew, and also when Janet say the whole scene and ran off ... S-She never came back, she ran and kept running. Her clothes are still here, her bedroom hasn't been touched, because she never came back ...

Ceallach and Jubilee were lucky enough to have a beautiful, healthy and clever boy. Although he was pretty noisy around the house, he was always a delight to be around!

''Auntie, help me! Mummy and daddy wants me to sleep but I don't wanna!'' He called out to me, while he tried to escape from his dad's overpowering arms!

''Stella he just won't go to sleep! Maybe you can try, since you do have the magical touch on little Creig!'' Ceallach said, winking at me.

''Sure thing, anything for my favorite little nephew!'' I replied, jumping out of my seat, not forgetting what I was just thinking about and walked over to tend Creig.

''Listen here Creig, don't you think it's time for your nap!?'' I said happily to him, almost negotiating the fact of him sleeping or not!

''No Auntie! No sleep for me!'' He said, giggling away soon after I put him in his playpen.

''Would this make you sleep?'' I asked him in a weird accent, making a funny face and consequently making him giggle away once more!

''No Auntie, that's a stupid face!'' He stuttered out, still giggling his little head off.

''Hey! Be nice to your old Auntie up here!''

''I'm sowwy!''

''It's okay little man, I'm only joking with you!'' I smiled at him once more as he giggled even more.

''You're good with children you know, Sis.'' I heard Ceallach say, admiring me and Creig playing together.

''You think so? Thanks!'' I replied.

''Of course I do! You'll be great mother, you know, once you have children!'' He said jokingly, as well as winking at me.

''Er - yeah, sure I will ...'' I said awkwardly, imagining myself actually being a M-mum ...

'' ... Anyway, Ceallach I need to tell you something ....'' I said awkwardly once more, scratching my neck. ''I think it's time I find another place for myself, you know, to give you, Jubi and little Creig a bit more space to live in.'' As I said that, he took a step back and looked at me in a very peculiar way.

''Stella, you don't have to move out! We brought this place together, it's your just as much as it's ours!'' He replied, trying to persuade me not to move out ... But I had already made up my mind.

''Ceallach trust me, it's okay. I've already signed the Deed in your name and I've even found a nice little apartment located near to the beach, not far from here! It'll all be fine!'' I explained to him.

''Are you sure about this Stella?'' He asked me once more.

''Positive! Now go and explain to little man over there why I'm moving out!'' I told him, pointing at Creig, sucking his own little toe!

Once I went into my bedroom to pack the remaining clothes I had in my closet, I came across a squashed up photo booth picture of Andrew and I and I just B-broke down ...

''Why did this fucking happen to me, WHY ME!? I didn't ask for an abusive boyfriend, I may of led him on but I never asked for him to be abusive! And I didn't even mean to kill him, I just wanted him to pay for what he done to me that night ... I just never mean to kill him!'' I said to myself, slurping up my fast- running tears. I shook my head, got myself together, wiped my tears and carried on packing.

''Mummy, Daddy, I don't want Auntie Stella to leave!'' Creig said, tugging quite firmly onto my leg. I looked down at him and smiled, hoping Ceallach would explain what was happening ...

Jubilee looked at Ceallach, and he looked back, then she sighed and began explaining to him why I was leaving.

''Baby, Auntie Stella has to move out now, don't worry, she's not going far! She's just moving out so you can have so much more space to run around!'' Jubi explained, trying to make him feel better.

''Okay mummy, but Auntie has to come back and visit me!'' He demanded, I chuckled slightly and knelt down for him to give me a hug.

''Don't worry little man, I'm only down the street, just steal your dad's smartphone from his pocket and give me a call!'' I whispered to him, he grinned at me and gave me one last hug.

''Are you sure about this Stella, you don't have to -.'' Ceallach said, before I cut him off.

''Yes I do Ceallach, it's time! It's not like I'm moving city's, just down the road!'' I replied to him.

''Okay, but don't hesitate to drop in at any time you want!''

''I won't!'' I said, hugging my brother once more.

One part of me was happy to leave, to go somewhere new ... Yet one part of me was gutted, to leave my brother and adorable nephew.

Ten or so minuets later, I arrived at my new home. It seemed to be quite big for a one bedroom/one bathroom house; In fact, I'd say it was a terrace house because half of it is based on the main cliff-edge of the beach.

The main rooms of the house were furnished and other spare rooms had on or two pieces of furniture inside them.

As I surveyed the house quickly, my phone buzzed in my pocket and I took it out to see Ceallach calling me.

''Hey bro!'' I said.

''Hey sis, how's the new house? Is it furnished properly?'' Ceallach asked.

''It's perfect!'' I replied.

''Oh that's good! Oh crap, Creig's up and running around the house again, I'll call you back!'' Ceallach said, as I also heard Creig screaming in the background.

''Oh alright, talk to you later then!'' I said, hanging up and putting my phone on the counter.

I decided to eat my first meal, alone, on the terrace. I had a perfect view of Sunset Valley's original lighthouse and the beach and luckily that very evening, there was persistent summer breeze.

Some hours later, I changed into my pajamas and went back onto the terrace, walking on the cold, concrete ground with my bare, pale feet.

I couldn't help but look at the illuminating light from the lighthouse, then down at the lifeless bushed ... Which where I hid Andrew's body. I took a deep breath and honestly felt sick to death with myself, so I sat down.

As I rubbed my cold forehead, I reminisced about the good times I actually had with Andrew, most of them being at University.

The breeze got colder and colder so I drifted back inside, heading to the couch. Instead of watching Television, I sat there alone, almost in darkness, staring at the picture of Andrew and I on the wall ...

I sat there, and cried, and cried and cried ....

-- The Next Morning --

Somehow I fell asleep in tears on the couch and consequently, woke up on the couch, with dried tears and mascara rings all over my face.

''Ugh, I feel like complete shit ...'' I said out loud, to myself though.

''Damn right you do!'' I sudden, yet familiar face said behind me. I jumped up in complete fright and slowly turned around to see who was in my house.

''... J-Janet?'' I said, still cautiously questioning who was behind me.

''That's me.'' She said, letting out a small, evil laugh.


Moving swiftly on, thank you for reading Chapter 9 of Generation 8 of The Cronwell Legacy, and again, sorry for the two weeks wait! I just came back from holiday and once again, I felt unproductive and unmotivated ... But not anymore!

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