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Generation 8, Chapter 14 : Oh Karma ...

A few weeks had passed since our confrontation with Janet and I began to be honestly scared for my life, thinking that she would tell the police what I done those years ago.

Since Oswald and I's relationship seemed to be heading for something even more intimate, I suggested that we should move in together to be a proper and so he could protect me from Janet and her viscous brothers, even though I can take care of myself.

''Hey Oswald, how about we go out for lunch?'' I suggested as he cuddled me on the sofa.

''Yeah, why not! In ten minuets or so though, I need a quick shower.'' He replied.

''Sure, I need to change anyway.''

As I heard the running water coming from Oswald's bathroom, I couldn't help but look at my scar again and again ... I'd become so self - conscious over the years and knowing that I'd forever have it across my face didn't get any better.

''Fucking hell ... Why couldn't it of just faded ...'' I cussed, looking away as I saw the horrendous scar yet again in the mirror.

Half an hour actually passed by before both Oswald and I were both ready!

''You clean up pretty well Mr. Davis.'' I said flirtatiously, as he took my hands to hold.

''I could say the same for you, Miss. Cronwell.'' He replied, winking at me.


Once we got to the outdoor restaurant we quickly found some seats and looked for something delicious to eat.

''What would you like Sir?'' The polite chef said, a few minuets later.

''Just some vegetable Stir Fry please.'' He replied.

''Absolutely Sir, and you madam?'' The chef then asked me.

''Just some sushi please.'' I asked.

''Bloody hell, this stir fry looks and smells freaking amazing!'' Oswald said excitingly, clapping like a little five year old receiving treats!

''Oh god Oswald, calm down! It's only stir fry!'' I said, laughing out loud as he tucked into his apparent 'delicious stir fry'.

''Carry on saying that when you want a taste of it!'' He replied, looking up quickly and winking at me and then returning to his meal.

''Mmhm, that was delicious! Stella you really should of got the stir fry!'' Oswald said yet again, finishing every last piece of noodle and sweet pepper in his plate!

''Maybe I will next time but for now I'll stick with my Sushi!'' I replied, happily finishing off my Sushi.

''I had a great time with you today Stella, just like all the other days I'm with you ...'' Oswald said to me as we left our tables.

''Aww you, I had a great time with you as well Oswald, thank you for this!'' I thanked him, kissing him lightly on the cheek.

''So, where should we go -.'' Oswald started to say before he was cut off by a voice behind us.

''Stella Cronwell?'' The deep voice questioned behind me.

''Y - Y - Yes ....?'' I stuttered out, becoming clear of who was standing behind me ... The police.

''Stella Cronwell, I am arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Andrew Oliver Thompson ...'' The police in the middle declared.

Suddenly, my hands went completely numb. I didn't have a clue what to say, or even what to think of what was happening to me right now.

''Stella, what the hell is happening?'' Oswald said extremely fast, also shaking behind me.

''Janet. She told the Police.'' Was the exact words that escaped my mouth, still slightly trembling.

''... You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.'' The same Police officer carried on saying.

''But she hasn't done anything! She's innocent!'' Oswald yelled out as the Police violently grabbed my hands together.

''Save it for the Judge Mr.'' The blonde Police officer standing behind Oswald said to him.

''Officer please, she's innocent I tell you!'' Oswald pleaded once again, staring lifeless at me.

''Oswald, just leave it. Janet told the Police, I'm guilty ...'' I said, sighing as tears began to slowly roll down my pale, trembling cheeks. ''I love you Oswald, so freaking much ...'' I said one last time before the police handcuffed me and led to the Police car.

''But she's innocent ...'' Oswald said one more time, not incredibly loud but loud enough for me to hear.

I cried as I looked out the police window at him, still standing there lifelessly at the sight of me being arrested.

Some hours later, we arrived at the prison just as it got dark.

''This is where scum like you belong. Looked up, forever.'' The blonde haired Police officer said to me, holding my handcuffs upright.

The remaining officer handed me a orange suite kind of clothing and told me to put it on once he led me to my cell.

Then it all became so real.

Karma had come back for me.

I murdered Andrew, and now I'm being punished for it.

Oh Karma.


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