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Generation 8, Chapter 15 : Never in a thousand years.

One and a half years later ...

For me, one and half years in prison felt like eternity. No judge or person in authority actually told me of my release date, I was just told that if I was lucky, I'd be free in just over a year due to an act of self - defense; and lucky I was.

I was simple allowed to collect my things from the duty officer and exit the huge, intimidating prison gates. As I got out, I noticed it had turned Winter and I was extremely cold in just the things I had come into the prison with a year and half ago,  which was when the duty officer came out and handed me a thick purple coat.

''Take care of yourself, you don't want to end up back in here anytime soon.'' The duty officer said bluntly, as I quickly put the coat on.

''Thank you.'' Was all I replied.

She closed the prison gates and I looked around my immediate surroundings, hoping that someone would be here to pick me up.

My dad, my Mum ... Or even Oswald.

I looked behind me once more to see the duty officer walking back into the actual prison and suddenly, a familiar voice started to talk behind me.

''S - Stella ...?'' My ever so young looked dad said, extremely worried.

''D - D - Daddy ...'' I said quietly, running up to him in tears.

''Stella, you don't know how much I've missed you.'' He said, hugging me tightly and also trying to hold his tears back.

''I've missed you too dad, and mum, and everyone else ...'' I replied, crying slightly.

''We need to talk about what happened, properly ... They built a new cafe downtown, let's go there and talk.'' My dad ordered, pointing to his new car across the road.

As we entered the Cafe, I felt as if everyone was looking at me, judging me for what I had done, and to be honest they actually were ...

''Dad, can we leave? I can't take this.'' I said quietly, somewhat hiding my face in shame.

''Just pretend they're not here Stella, you don't need to be intimidated by stupid strangers that are just here to judge you. Now let's sit down.'' My dad said, smiling to me as he found a table us two.

''Listen dad ... Before you start to talk, I need to ask you something ... -.'' Just as I was about to ask him a serious question, he cut me off.

''No Stella, let me talk first. Before you come out with a big explanation ... We're not mad, just shocked. Yes you killed him, yes you had no right to take his life and yes you've been punished for it, but it was an accident. An act of self-defense and if I'm to be honest, I would of done the same if I was in your position. Nobody's mad at you, maybe slightly dissapointed but not mad.'' My father said, looking at me with his big, concerned green eyes.

''Thank you dad, but I still feel like I should be dead and not him ... I just don't know what to do ...'' I said as more tears began to slowly roll down my pale cheeks.

''Stella, don't you ever say that. You have every single right in the world to live. Andrew was going to murder you anyway so you had every right to try and fight back.''

''I guess so ...'' I replied.

''No!'' He shouted out, banging the table for everyone to look over at us. ''You know so!'' He added.

I stood up, wiping the final tears on my cheek as my dad started to speak again.

''Now Stella, I've been told to take you down to the beach, there's some kind of surprise there for you.'' He suddenly said, smiling at me as he had something planned for me.

''... Okay, let's go then ...'' I replied back suspiciously

We arrived at the beach as the sun began to set.

''Look at the sunset, it's nice isn't it ...'' My father said awkwardly, trying to avoid something I was unaware of ...

''Dad is there an actual reason we're here because I'm quite cold just standing here?'' I questioned.

''Look over there!'' He said, awkwardly smiling as he pointed at a man standing on the beach in a blue coat.

''That isn't-.'' I was about to ask before my dad cut me off one more time.

''It is, now go on up to him Stella, he has a surprise for you ...'' He said, no grinning at me.

''H - Hello ..?'' I stuttered out, as I nervously approached him.

He jumped suddenly a slowly turned around to see me awkwardly standing behind him. ''S-S-Stella!'' He shouted out, pulling me in for a tight hug.

''You actually don't know how much I've missed you Stell, it's been one and half years of hell!'' He said, hugging me extra tight.

''I- I... thought you'd forget about me ...'' I admitted, dropping my arms from Oswald's back.

''Stella I'd never forget about me, you're the only girl I've really loved in a long time ...''

''... So much that I'd do this ...'' He said, as he got on one knee and brought out a black box from his pocket.

Suddenly, it clicked in my head what he was doing ... He was going to propose!

''Stella, You and I have been through a lot through these past three years and if I'm honest, I don't regret a thing. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and to do that, I'm pretty sure we have to marry.'' He said, grinning at me.

''So how about it, will you marry me?'' He asked, grinning at me and back at my dad who was watching in the background.

''Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes! Just one thing, are you sure you won't regret this ...?'' I questioned, worryingly.

''Never in a thousand years.''

A month quickly passed by and although it was still winter, it hadn't snowed for quite a while now. Oswald and I had already started planning the wedding and only a few days ago moved into a huge house of our own.

''So Stella ... Kids aye?'' Oswald awkwardly said, actually asking if I want kids.

''Yeah, why not! I'm thinking three, maybe four?'' I suggested.

''Or five!'' Oswald said excitingly.

''Oh god Oswald, calm down! I'm the one given birth!'' I explained, winking at him as he kissed me on the cheek.


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