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Generation 8, Chapter 16 [PART I] - Olivia.

It had been just a few weeks since we moved in our new family home and we luckily were able to settle in perfectly before the mid - winter snow came crashing down on us.

Our wedding was approaching in the later months of next year and I thought it would be a great to start planning ahead of time just to save all the hustle and bustle to get things ready and booked nearer to the time.

There wasn't that much to do around the house since we hadn't had children yet and having a lot of time off of managing the Resort and our other buildings, Oswald and I were able to have a lot of fun together ...

It wasn't just fun, but special to us. We haven't properly planned a family for the future, but at the same time we wasn't stopping it happening at the same time ...

''Stella, my dear!'' Jubilee said cheerfully as I answered my phone.

''Yes Jubilee, who always calls ever so late!'' I said sarcastically.

''Very funny! I was actually calling to tell you that a new wedding shop just opened near our house, fancy checking it out? You might see something you like!'' She asked excitingly.

''Sure!'' I replied excitingly.

''Great, see you there!'' She said, quickly hanging up so she could tend to Annabelle.

''Stella!'' Jubilee literally screamed out as she saw me open the wedding shop doors.

''Jubilee!'' I replied excitingly, running up to give her a warm hug.

''How have you been? I feel like I haven't seen you in ages! How's the kids!?'' I couldn't help but ask so many questions! I hadn't seen Jubilee and my brother since Oswald and I got engaged and since then, a lot had happened.

''I've been great thanks, and I know but hey ho, we're here now! Also, the kids are great thanks, Annabelle's just about to start Year 1 and Creig is starting Secondary school next year! But enough about my life, it's time to find you an amazing wedding dress!'' She suggested, winking at me.

After a few minuets of searching, I picked out quite a casual and different type of wedding dress, hoping Jubilee would also like it.

''Jube, what do you think of this one? Too short?'' I asked.

''Oh god no! Way too short and if I'm honest, it really doesn't look like a good wedding dress!'' She expressed her opinion on the dress, quite harshly!

''Okay! Okay! I'll try on the second choice then ...'' I said skipping back to changing rooms quite happily.

''Okay, what about this one? Still too short?'' I asked, staring awkwardly at her awaiting her reaction.

''Dear lord ... I hate to regret it but you look better than me on my wedding day! It's perfect!'' She replied, admiring my 'perfect' dress.

''Aww, stop lying Jubilee, but thank you! You think I should get this one?'' I asked her properly.

She stood back for a few seconds and admired it one more time before speaking again.

''Of course you should, it's flipping perfect!'' She instructed!

''Okay, I will! Thank you so much Jubilee, to be honest you're my only true friend and I couldn't of picked a better wedding dress without you!'' I said, giving Jubilee another warm hug.

''Aw, you don't have to say that! I'm always here to help!'' She replied, winking at me one more before helping me take off my new wedding dress.


Hours later, after purchasing my wedding dress and getting it delivered to our house in the coming months, I came home to see Oswald fully focused while he was doing some 'Work' on his tablet.

''Oh, hey babe, how was shopping with Jube?'' He asked, quickly popping his head up to look at me as he put down his tablet.

''It was great thanks, we got a few stuff for the wedding arranged ...'' I replied.

''By a few stuff, you mean you brought your wedding dress din't you?'' He said, winking at me as he easily saw through my lie.

''Ah, you got me! I was going to keep it a secret but you're just to smart for me!'' I said flirtatiously, pulling him in for a amours hug.

''I am aren't I, -.'' As he started to talk, he was quickly cut off by the sound of our door bell going off.

''I wonder who it is ...'' I said as I silently walking up to the door, trying to get a glimpse of the person.

''Looks like a women holding a kid in her arms, should I answer it?'' I asked.

''Sure, why not ...'' Oswald said, expecting it to be no one special.

As I opened the door, a very worn out, desperate woman looked directly at Oswald.

''Daddy!'' The little girl in the woman's arms called out, looking rather excited to see Oswald. At first I was thinking, who the hell is this ...? Then I remembered.

''That isn't ...'' I said worryingly, looking down at my feet awkwardly.

''It is. Oswald meet your daughter, Olivia.'' Oswlad Ex - wife said to him, looking down at the enthusiastic little toddler.


To be continued ...

Quite a cliffhanger, am I right?

Anyway, I will hopefully be releasing Part 2 of this chapter tomorrow so there won't be quite a long wait to see what happens next!

Thanks for reading Part 1 of Chapter 16, I really hoped you enjoyed it and if you did please leave a little comment and I'll be sure to reply!

Thanks, :)

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